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Richard Trenchard

The kid-juggling ninja!

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Richard is our family-friendly, kid-juggling travel ninja!

A national newspaper and magazines journalist, and head of Team Trenchard, Richard loves nothing more than opening his children's eyes to the big wide world out there. That's a passion which was sparked when Richard visited Kenya and returned to the UK with a Samburu child's smile etched in his memory after handing her a pen to write in her school books.

Richard reckons that while simply relaxing on a beach is sometimes a necessity, there's so much more to be got out of a holiday, spending precious time and creating happy memories with his children. So, wherever budget stretches, Richard and the little Trenchards go. Most recently, Richard and his family have visited New York, where necks swivelled and eyes spun in every direction, including round corners to see what incredible sight was next.

Their favourite haunt in Europe is Italy, where they can be found exploring quaint villages in Le Marche, relaxing overlooking fields of vibrant sunflowers and helping make (and drink...mum and dad only!) the local wine. Cheers!

While most of Rich's travels are with his family, you might spot the occasional piece with no mention of them (like this piece on Cambodia)... one of the rare occasions he's flown the nest without them.


Richard's Been There Done That

  • Married on the white sands of Diani Beach, Kenya, after spotting the big five on safari
  • Found out how a helicopter ride over New York can make you and your family wide-eyed and wide-smiled
  • Survived Florida's Disney World in 100°F heat, and even fiercer excitement of my children ÓŻ┐ no mean feat!
  • Learned how to make the perfect pasta and gelato in Italy and enjoyed one of Le Marche's many foodie festivals. Yum!
  • Marvelled at the old motors in Havana before dancing with locals, much to the amusement (or should that be embarrassment) of my children

Recent articles by Richard

  • 15 Jun 2015
  • Travel Story
Opening eyes to the world

New York: A perfect family getaway

Last winter me and my family decided to make New York our Christmas gift and we welcomed the New Year in the Big Apple. During five intense days we squeezed as much as we could from this magical city and it proved one of the most rewarding, amazing and entertaining family trips we've ever had! Read on to find the many reasons why New York's is a top destination for family holidays.
  • 26 May 2015
  • Travel Advice
Opening eyes to the world

A literary travel bucket list

If you seek inspiration for the top places to see in the world with your family before death does you apart, have a look at my travel bucket list and find some ideas to get your juices flowing. Here I list my top five essential destinations, linked to our interests as a family and inspired on our favourite books. Regardless of your tastes and book preferences, I think all of these have something to inspire every family. Read on to find out more.
  • 23 Apr 2015
  • Travel Advice
Opening eyes to the world

Family holidays in the Red Sea: Hurghada

The Red Sea has long been luring families with its inviting coastal landscapes, radiant sunshine; reliably clear blue skies and all-year-long warm temperatures. On this blog I aim to highlight the best family resorts to stay at in Hurghada and the top local attractions for families travelling with youngsters of all ages. From fun shipwreck diving sites to go-karting facilities and protected beachfront camps, there's a lot of fun to be had for families making Hurghada their holiday destination.
  • 06 Apr 2015
  • Travel Advice
Opening eyes to the world

Family holidays in the Red Sea: Sharm el Sheikh

Renowned as an area of mystery and beauty, the Red Sea has attracted visitors for many years. Despite the recent political climate in Egypt, the resorts of Sharm el Sheikh remain safe and free of trouble, and offer a fantastic retreat for families hoping to explore Egypt's golden sands.
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