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"There is no love sincerer than the love of food". (George Bernard Shaw)

My passion for food began as a student, when I spent time with a wealthy French family on the Cote D'Azure. We dined out regularly and I learned to appreciate new produce and different methods of preparation – what an introduction this gave me to "foreign food".

Since that time, my palate has learned to savour the dishes of a world table. I have sampled the culinary delights of over 60 countries worldwide, from street food in the Caribbean and Asia, to Tapas in Spain and her former colonies, fine wines and haute cuisine throughout Europe, hamburgers in the US, steaks in Argentina, the spices and heart warming dishes of India and the sub continent and more …

The joy of savouring traditional fare with local beverages has never left me, and the exciting changes of fusion food that bring together ingredients, widely separated by geography and culture, just feeds my passion.


Linda's Been There Done That

  • Haggled and cooked sardines on the Algarve Coast
  • Eaten Durian, the forbidden fruit, in Southeast Asia
  • Sampled Gary Rhodes milky white tomato soup in Dubai
  • Sipped champagne in both the tallest and longest bars in the world
  • Did regular tastings for a chef who opened a fusion restaurant in trendy Queens Park

Recent articles by Linda

  • 09 Jan 2016
  • Travel Story
Flavours of the world

A taste of Barbados on a trip down memory lane

On my most recent trip to Barbados I chose the beautiful The Club Barbados as my temporary residence and got to sample the outstanding cuisine offered at the resort's various eating venues. To find out more about the culinary highlights of this fantastic all-inclusive resort as well as read up on my very special Barbadian trip down memory lane in the company of an old friend, keep scrolling down and take note of all the climaxes of this very special holiday.
  • 25 Aug 2015
  • Travel Story
Flavours of the world

Le Patron Mange Ici - and no wonder!

There's nothing quite like a quick trip across the channel for an event - this time it was to Roland Garros and the French Open. A glass of champagne in the world's longest champagne bar at St Pancras set us up for our speedy journey on Eurostar, to Gare du Nord in central Paris.
  • 06 Jul 2015
  • Travel Story
Flavours of the world

Total gastronomic delight in El Segundo

Perfectly nestled in one of the back streets of Nicaragua's vibrant capital, Managua, El Segundo is definitely an eatery to talk about. This seemingly unassuming restaurant is a brightly shining jewel with modern decor, stylish layout, attractive local paintings adorning the walls and attentive English-speaking staff - the perfect complements to a mouth-watering menu! What more could you ask for? Read my blog post to find out how El Segundo did more than satisfy our appetite for Nicaragua...
  • 13 Jun 2015
  • Travel Story
Flavours of the world

Crossing the green line - Two Cyprus one holiday

Venture across the Green Line from the Greek part of Cyprus, to the Turkish north and find treasures that date from before the days of Christianity. The easing of border restrictions means that tourists can now enjoy both north and south of this truly historic island.
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