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Qatar Tourism Authority introduces new hotel grading system

The Qatar Tourism Authority has announced it will implement a new grading and classification system for hotels. The environmental sustainability and management of the hotels will also be evaluated for the first time, and properties will be graded using a star-rating system that will rate the public areas, accommodation and facilities.

Qatar Tourism Authority introduces new hotel grading system

Hotels and resorts in Qatar will be evaluated using a new grading and classification system, according to the Qatar Tourism Authority.

Under the new system, properties in Qatar will also be assessed on their environmental sustainability management too. The public areas, accommodation, facilities, and staff service at all hotels will be graded.

Any large structural and infrastructure changes that are planned for hotels in Qatar must be completed by 31st December, 2020 before they are re-graded by officials.

There will first be a digital self-assessment module online that hoteliers and staff will undertake, and once this is completed QTA will dispatch inspection teams to verify results, and see if hotels have implemented changes or at lease set a schedule of changes that are required. If the improvements are not made, hotels could lose a star.

The new system will feature a ‘guest experience index' that will analyse ratings and reviews from 130 travel and hotel websites such as and These results will be added to the final grading of each property.

Hotel inspectors using the system can keep records of monthly guest feedback on hotels and photographic evidence, and it will have access to the interaction between hotel owners and the Qatar Tourism Authority to ensure re-inspection deadlines and agreements are made on time.

"Uniquely this new system holds developers, owners' management and operators equally accountable for the property's classification. Changes will take time but gradually we are paving the way for a more sustainable environmentally-friendly and diverse hospitality sector."

Explained officials from the QTA. Qatar is a country in the Middle East that is made up of vast desert and a long shoreline along the Persian Gulf. The capital, Doha, boasts modern, futuristic skyscrapers and unique architecture such as the limestone Museum of Islamic Art that sits on the waterfront of the corniche.

Popular tourist attractions include the Souq Waqif, the traditional old marketplace with restaurants and cafes; the Venetian-style Villagio Mall with an array of shops, canals and gondolas; and Katara, a cultural village with traditional Arabian restaurants, a pristine beach, and events.

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