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Tourist camera lost in Varadero is rescued by Cuban diver

The photos and videos from a waterproof camera lost two years ago in Varadero's aquamarine waters were recently recovered and returned to its rightful owner after Ruben Urquiza, the Cuban diver who found it, finally had a chance to contact the person it belonged to through Facebook.

Tourist camera lost in Varadero is rescued by Cuban diver

Canadian holidaymaker, Emily Demello, couldn’t believe it two years ago when, during a holiday in Cuba’s beach resort of Varadero, she had lost around 100 photos and videos along with her new shockproof, waterproof camera, which she wasn’t able to find after a wave knocked it out of her hand.

The incident happened when Vancouver student, Emily, and the two friends that had travelled with her to Cuba were taking snaps on the water. Sadly despite all the safety features of her shiny new camera, it was no match for the strength of the current.

Emily retells;

“I was taking photos with my friends in the ocean maybe three days into the trip and I got hit by a big wave which knocked the camera out of my hand.”

‘We looked for the camera for about 20 minutes, walking around the area in the water and walking along the beach. As soon as it was gone the current must have taken it away, though.’

Yet, it wasn’t lost forever, as one year after the loss, professional scuba diver; Ruben Urquiza came across it on one of his dives off the Varadero coast. It wouldn’t be until another year after, however that Ruben would be able to return it, as he only recently gained access to the internet and finally managed to contact her.

Although the camera was badly weathered and understandably, no longer functional, the memory card inside was intact and Ruben was able to download all the photos and videos to his computer. It was only thanks to him scanning them all for clues and finally spotting a photograph of her plane ticket that there was hope for returning the camera contents to Emily.

After obtaining her details he managed to track her on Facebook and sent her a message with one of the photos attached to prove it wasn’t a scam. It read:

"Hi Emily, I am from Cuba, my name is Ruben. I know that you was in my country in 2012 because I am diver in Varadero and I found your camera in the beach, please accept me in your Facebook friends and I will send you your pictures! I am sorry my bad English, have a nice Sunday!"

Emily, who was at first puzzled then delighted to have recovered her old memories from that holiday in Varadero, said;

“I ran downstairs right away to tell my family what happened. I think it’s an amazing story – it really seems like it’s something out of a movie.

"There are people like Ruben, doing great things everywhere. It means a lot that he took the time to find me and send my pictures back to me. Nothing stays lost forever."

In this case a very happy ending for "lost and found" was achieved, and it's true, at least not everything stays lost forever.

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