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Echoes revolutionises the traditional Hanoi tour experience

Echoes, a firm launched by Josh Kopecek, is well on its way to changing the concept of the typical holiday tour. Echoes recently held its second walking audio tour of Hanoi, commissioning Vietnamese artist Luong Hue Trinh to create a unique sound experience to act as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable tour of Vietnam's capital.

Echoes revolutionises the traditional Hanoi tour experience

At the end of November 2014, visitors to Vietnam’s Hanoi had the unique opportunity to take part in one of four Hanoi Soundwalk sessions. The Soundwalk concept, which has recently been re branded as Echoes, is a complete reinvention of the traditional tours of Hanoi and certainly has the potential to become a major event for travellers booking holidays in Hanoi.

Using headphones and a simple Internet enabled mobile phone with the echoes app downloaded, users on the Hanoi tour can enjoy a unique site specific soundtrack designed by Vietnamese artist Luong Hue Trinh. The soundtrack is however, best described as a sound map as the sounds are based on the user’s location during the tour.

Echoes’ unique soundwalk concept has been designed by Josh Kopecek holder of a doctoral degree in music and Mathias Rossignol- a doctorate in information technology. Vietnamese artist Luong Hue Trinh was commissioned by the Echoes team to create the walk for Hanoi. Trinh used the clank of bicycle trains and trams and traditional musical performances creating a sense of nostalgia that allowed for a truly authentic experience.

Ben Valentine of respected art and culture forum/blog Hyperallergic recently wrote a review of the Hanoi Soundwalk experience:

“Headphones are all too often a means of separating ourselves from our immediate surroundings. Yet for the 40 minutes I spent on Trinh’s tour, I felt in possession of a tool for invoking the local sounds that time had hidden. Trinh researched all the locations on the walk and dug up noises from their pasts, which she then reinterpreted”.

As Vietnam looks to increase the number of travellers booking Vietnam holidays each year and take full advantage of the ever growing popularity of key destinations like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, unique experiences like the Hanoi Soundwalk tours provide an excellent opportunity to attract even more holidaymakers as well as to engage with local talent to develop the nations tourism product.

This was the second time the Hanoi Soundwalk tour has taken place this year with the first ever Soundwalk tours in Hanoi taking place in April 2014. Other destinations where Echoes has launched similar tours include Virginia (US), Oxford (UK), Valencia (Spain) and Avignon (France).

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