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India's Golden Triangle Tour continues to earn rave reviews

Features editor for the UK's Sunday Mirror recently wrote a rave review about the India Golden Triangle Tour. Main's article captures in words the breathtaking beauty of some of India's most exotic sites. Recent cases of assaults to female holidaymakers have led to travel groups advising against travel to India but reviews like this will come a long way in repairing some of the damage that has been done to India's reputation as one of the must-see holiday destinations in the world.

India's Golden Triangle Tour continues to earn rave reviews

Despite the current wave of negative press surrounding India’s tourism industry as it relates to safety, there is no denying that booking the famed Golden Triangle Tour provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for travellers to experience the key sites in one of the world’s most exotic and culturally rich destinations. A recent review written by the Sunday Mirror’s Features editor Jill Main put it best when she noted, “while it may be only a nine-hour flight away from Britain, India feels like nowhere else on Earth”.

The success of India’s tourism industry has been largely underpinned by the popularity of Golden Triangle Tour package holidays, Made up of trips to the capital city of Delhi, Agra- home of the famous Taj Mahal and Jaipur also known as the Pink city- a nickname earned thanks to the pink hue featured on many of the buildings, India’s Golden Triangle is the preferred route for many travellers.

Of her experience in Dehli, Main wrote, “Two words best describe the city as a whole, though: exotic and frenetic. Even a simple walk to look at the Red Fort, a huge palace-cum-fortress that formed the heart of the Mughal Empire, is a sensory overload. Everywhere you look something memorable is happening, whether it’s a line of men being shaved on the street by barbers, a family of baboons stealing fruit from one of the market stalls or a cow holding up three lanes of traffic”

The Taj Mahal is of course for many the pinnacle of any tour of India. This, one of the Seven Wonders of World built by King Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaj Mahal, is one of India’s most iconic buildings. Taken aback by the majestic beauty of this enchanting mausoleum, Main wrote, “I don’t care how many versions of the mausoleum you’ve seen in your local Indian restaurant, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking majesty of the building itself. As you walk through the gateway and take in the vast white marble edifice it is truly awe-inspiring and achingly beautiful.”

With reports of a 25 per cent decline in the number of female travellers booking India holidays in recent months over fears of sexual assault, India’s tourism officials will no doubt be grateful to writers like Jill Main for reminding the world of all that India has to offer.

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