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British travellers going for luxury holidays in exotic destinations

British holidaymakers are setting a new trend for the luxury holidays market even despite the fact that the economic downturn hasn't fully recovered. Nevertheless it seems that some long-haul destinations in the Caribbean are enjoying the most traffic from British tourists as travel agents reveal an increase in bookings for holidays to Cuba and luxury breaks in Cancun, Mexico.

British travellers going for luxury holidays in exotic destinations

Despite the global financial downturn and the economic woes still affecting many families, couples and enthusiastic globetrotters, luxury holidays have been gaining popularity among British travellers, even when the expected trend would be to go for cheaper, short-haul destinations closer to the UK or in the UK.

A recent report published by Thomas Cook Group revealed an increase in the amount of British travellers opting for luxury holidays in long-haul destinations, ranging from all inclusive holidays in the Caribbean to adventure holidays and trips to exotic faraway destinations.

As a matter of fact, it has been revealed that both the luxury and budget holiday markets have seen the highest growth in the UK holiday industry with many families reportedly saving all throughout the year to then be able to splurge on long luxury breaks across the world.

Some of the most popular destinations Brits are going for include exotic Cuba and trendy Cancun in Mexico, with holidays to Cuba setting the latest trend for many holidaymakers in the UK and luxury breaks in Mexico being the number one option for couples in search of romance and pampering.

 Relaxing in Exotic Caribbean Beaches
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), a UK-based association of travel agents, had estimated earlier this year that around 13 million UK holidaymakers would be taking a long distance holiday abroad in July and August 2012, with 90 per cent of these travellers heading to countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain. But whereas holidays to Europe continue to be very popular among Brits, the luxury travel trend emerging has meant that many have also opted for indulging holidays in Cancun's many spa resorts or in the famed and mystical Riviera Maya region.

Head of communication at ABTA, Victoria Bacon said, “The UK is a beautiful country with exceptional holiday appeal but the weather this year has been setting records for all the wrong reasons and it is no surprise that millions of us are looking to head off overseas for more reliable weather and high temperatures.”

British holidaymakers will also get a pleasant surprise in their favourite Eurozone destinations with the pound 10% stronger than last year. It’s important that people book sooner rather than later as late offers are proving popular.”

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