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Costa Rica holidays ranked in Top 10 of most environmentally pure destinations

Costa Rica holidays rank among the cleanest, greenest and most pristine holiday destinations in the world as revealed by a recent report issued in the Economist, and also published on Skyscanner comparison site.

Costa Rica holidays ranked in Top 10 of most environmentally pure destinations

According to a recent report issued by The Economist and published on Cheapflights' comparison site Skyscanner, Costa Rica holidays rank among the highest clean, green and pristine holiday destinations in the world. The report takes a look at the top ten cleanest, greenest countries, (according to The Economist), where the air is pure and the water clean.

Coming in at number 5 in the Top 10, the site explains just why Costa Rica holidays are so environmentally enriching: "This Central American country has been deemed the world’s ‘most natural conservation area’ having protected more than 27% of its land by creating a network of Wildlife Refuges, Biological Reserves and National Parks. Costa Rica offers a diverse range of ecosystems and activities; trek through million-year old rainforest, hike volcanoes, raft wild rivers, and spy jaguars, reptiles and multicoloured birds. "

In the Top 5 also were lush green Nordic holiday destinations such as Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, who all beat Costa Rica holidays (even if only by an extremely narrow gap) because of its Old World legendary green places. In the case of Switzerland it was its alpine beauty which made it the number one green destination, with so much of the country made up of green mountains and lake. Norway, coming in at number two, pays attribute to its tourist board slogan of "Powered by Nature" with its steep cliffs plunging into deep blue fjords whilst waterfalls cascade down the mountainsides creating a landscape of sheer beauty...something truly out of this world and which can be experienced during breathaking hiking trails. And coming jointly in second place, let's not forget Sweden and its cascading northern lights, white sandy beaches, mountains, meadows and a glittering array of over 24,000 islands. Sweden was the second country in the world to introduce an eco-tourism charter, and also created Europe’s first eco-label that assures the quality of around 180 holidays and activities run by its 80 eco-certified tour operators around the country.

And stealing the number four spot, Finland's famous Lapland is one of Europe’s last true areas of unspoiled wilderness, with vast swathes of forest and hundreds of pristine lakes, visitors can enjoy the midnight sun, stunning natural scenery and see bear and lynx. A paradise for campers, hikers and bikers, Finland was recently named ‘Best Country in the World’ by Newsweek, and is one great escape.

Ranked at number 6,7,8,9 and 10 behind Costa Rica holidays were Austria, New Zealand, Latvia, Colombia and France, in that order.

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