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Popularity of Sharjah holidays on the up as country receives increased number of visitors

  • 29-Jul-10 15:58
  • Sharjah
  • Holiday Industry

Quickly gaining popularity as a fascinating holiday spot, Sharjah is becoming the next Arabian destination as the emirate reported an 11% tourism growth in the first half of the year when compared against last year's figures.

Popularity of Sharjah holidays on the up as country receives increased number of visitors

Proving that Sharjah holidays are increasing in popularity, the country has registered a larger inflow of visitors with 11% more tourists having visited Sharhah in the first half of 2010 when compared against the same period in 2009, a report issued by the Sharjah Coommerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) revealed.

The report also unveiled a 70% hotel occupancy rate in the period under review, with 745,069 guests staying in the emirate's 107 hotel establishments (41 hotels and 66 hotel apartments), compared to the 671,662 guests reported in the corresponding period during 2009, signalling an increase of 11 %. The guests taking Sharjah holidays during this period were split roughly evenly between hotels and hotel apartments, with 369,199 staying in Sharjah hotels and 375,903 staying in hotel apartments.

Furthermore, the statistics revealed that the growth of the emirate's tourism sector as a result of the increased popularity of Sharjah holidays can be attributed to its key tourist attractions and special offerings at hotel establishments.

The total number of occupied room nights in Sharjah's hotels and hotel apartments was 783,396 in 2010 (412,897 nights and 370,499 nights, respectively), constituting an 8% increase over the same period last year.

The SCTDAs statistics show that the majority of tourists (45%) enjoying Sharjah holidays during the first half of 2010 were from Europe, while 25% were from the GCC, 14% were from Asian countries, 11% were from other Arab countries, and the remaining five% were from the Commonwealth, the United States, Africa and the Pacific Region.

Commenting on these figures, H.E. Mohamed A. Al Noman, SCTDA Director General, said: “The statistics provide clear evidence of the resilience of Sharjahs tourism sector, and its ability to maintain its previous achievements while pressing ahead with well-studied plans for the future to further increase the tourist flow from all over the world.”

“The SCTDA is dedicated to boosting Sharjah's status and consolidating its strong foothold on the global tourism map. In line with this, the Authority is working according to a carefully studied and well-organised programme based on a sound vision and accurate analysis of all changes and events taking place in the local, regional and global arenas,” he went on to explain.

"The SCTDA is focusing on targeting markets that are important for professionals and people concerned with the tourism industry, and on organising events and activities that will contribute significantly to tourism promotion, as well as on taking part in world's largest tourism and trade exhibitions and organising promotion tours and marketing activities across the world" - he concluded.

Al Noman added that the SCTDA is embracing a clear strategy to develop Sharjah's tourism sector by targeting international markets and organising events and activities that promote the emirate globally. He expects that upon ongoing promotion of Sharjah holidays as a premier heritage, cultural and family destination the emirate should register a further 5% growth in the tourism sector this year.

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