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CeltFest 2010 entertains tourists on Cuba holidays

  • 24-Apr-10 13:58
  • Havana
  • Cuba Travel News

Many travellers on Cuba Holidays in Havana experienced the vibrant CeltFest Cuba festival this month which saw talented artists and musicians combining Caribbean music and dance originating from the Celtic Nations of Europe.

CeltFest 2010 entertains tourists on Cuba holidays

The nine day festival took place from 6 April 2010 on a UNESCO Heritage site situated in Havana and featured music from a number of talented artists specialising in Caribbean and Irish Celtic music including Niamh Ni Chirra, The Havana Fiddle Club, Andrea Beaton, The Begleys, Tim Chaisson, Havana's Asturian Pipe Band, Mary Jane Lamond, Ward MacDonald, Havana's Galician Pipe Band, and James P Troy.

Tourists on Cuba holidays joined in the dancing and celebrations of the festival as musicians and dancers made their way through Havana's streets, courtyards, bars, and ancient squares. The traditional Celt music was brought over to the Caribbean island by the early immigrants from Spain and now each year the festival attracts thousands of visitors from afar who especially travel to Cuba for the celebrations.

CeltFest's main organiser and music producer, Lisa Butchart, made it all happen and explained the journey.

"I was naïve about the myriad of permissions that I would have to get to do a festival in Cuba," Butchart said. "That's probably just as well. I probably would never have attempted it had I known the difficulties."

"I find Cuba fascinating. It's a surreal country. It's so interesting. I love the Cuban people. We're starting something that I believe in, and the friendships I've made with these Cuban people. That's very special."

Visitor relaxing on their Cuba holidays enjoyed the mix of Caribbean and Celtic music and dancing with a combination of different instruments including pipers and drummers from Cuban Galician and Asturian traditions; Irish accordion players, fiddlers and singers; and Scottish Highland pipers from Cuba and Canada.

If any tourists on their holidays in Cuba missed the entertaining festival, they will get the chance to join in the celebrations next year as Butchart is intending to plan the festival again for 2011.

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