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Unity is primordial when dealing with the challenges Caribbean holidays face

Last week, during the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity, Dominican Republic president Leonel Fernandez urged participating countries to unite forces in order to effectively face the many challenges the Caribbean region was facing

Unity is primordial when dealing with the challenges Caribbean holidays face

The president of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez, made a plea last week urging the Caribbean leaders meeting at the Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity to solve the many challenges Caribbean holidays are facing by uniting forces.

“Our countries have a strong tendency toward institutional dispersion and that can be a serious obstacle for the unity we aspire to achieve” - said the Dominican Republic head of state during an interview with the Telesur television network.

He highlighted that the concept of Caribbean holidays included not only the islands in this region but also the nations of the Caribbean Sea basin, such as Cancun holidays, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname.

“That means we’re talking about UNASUR, MERCOUR, the Group of Rio, the Andean Community, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the organisation of the French-speaking islands and that of Central American nations” - he added.

He assured that this implies a diversity of criteria, interests and approaches, so regional unity will require some time –the amount of which he considered impossible to predict but nevertheless it was primordial to start making efforts to join forces and strengths to face the adversities Caribbean holidays are currently facing and may face in the near future.

While answering questions asked by Telesur, the leader expressed his confidence in the final success of the unifying efforts of Latin American and Caribbean nations, but added that it will be obtained at the expense of a lot of patience, understanding, tolerance and maturity of the part of all nations involved, since we have to understand each other in our diversity, he pointed out.

He described as something very positive the existence of so many sub-regional organizations, since, in his opinion, it expresses an intention on the part of countries of grouping themselves, which has existed for years. Therefore, he stated, the future consolidation of the unifying body will not necessarily imply the disappearance of these entities.

Fernandez considered that between this moment and the Caracas Summit in 2011 there will be a space in which all leaders in the region will have the opportunity to reflect and take careful and mature steps toward the unity we want to achieve.

The two-day Latin American and Caribbean Summit for Unity was held at the Gran Velas Hotel of the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, where some 25 heads of state and government laid the foundations for the creation of a regional body embracing the 33 nations in the area: the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

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