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Africa holidays Modernise Infrastructure with New Airport Self-Service

  • 21-Oct-09 18:20
  • Tanzania
  • Holiday Industry

With the help of Aviation IT specialist, SITA, the Tanzania Airport Authority (TAA) will be soon introducing a new range of modern technological updates and services to the passengers who use the country's three major airports.

Africa holidays Modernise Infrastructure with New Airport Self-Service

Much to the improvement of Tanzania holidays the Tanzania Airports Authority is now introducing the addition of a new self-service check-in desk at their airport, in conjunction with other more modern features such as baggage reconciliation, sophisticated state-of-the-art flight information displays and many other major technological updates to the services offered to passengers and those on Tanzania holidays who use the country’s three major airports.

Aviation IT specialist, SITA, is behind this $20 million, multi-airport systems integration project which will bring many world-class services to Tanzania holidays for the first time.

Commenting on this new project, Prosper Tesha, Director General of TAA (Tanzania Airports Authority), said: “This is a significant investment by TAA into the country’s infrastructure and supports the vital travel and tourism sector which contributes 9% to Tanzania’s Gross Domestic Product each year.

“By choosing one supplier, SITA, that has extensive global experience and can provide the integration of all the latest airport technologies, we are able to implement all these improvements in a co-ordinated and cost-efficient manner. The significant upgrades allow us to maximise the airports’ capacity in a cost-effective way and to improve the passenger experience.”

During this 7-year deal, SITA will provide systems for Terminals 1 and 2 at Julius Nyerere International Airport and at Mwanza and Arusha airports. These will include Tanzania’s first common use self-service kiosks (CUSS) which offer passengers the convenience to check-in with any airline from any kiosk.

Yet another significant development will be the introduction of SITA’s Baggage Reconciliation System. This system ensures that the right bag gets on the right plane and is assigned to the right passenger. Mishandled baggage is a global problem, costing the industry USD $2.9 billion each year. But much to the relief of many concerned travellers who take Africa holidays, thanks to this new system Tanzania will now be one of the few African countries to use SITA’s technology which has been proven to reduce mishandled baggage rates by on average 5-15%.

“This is a great step forward for Tanzania’s airports. Along with SITA’s CUSS check-in kiosks and baggage reconciliation services, passengers will enjoy improved flight information displays. Behind the scenes there will also be major improvements which will result in a smoother passenger experience. TAA has selected SITA’s airport operations database and events information management system, both of which will enable faster and more informed management decisions. “said Khodr Akhil, SITA, Regional Vice President in Africa.

Furthermore, TAA is also upgrading the baggage handling equipment and airport communications network at Julius Nyerere International Airport Terminal 2. At Arusha and Mwanza Airports, SITA’s Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) and local Departure Control System will provide more speedy passenger check-in for the comfort of all future Tanzania holidays hopefuls.

“In total, SITA will deliver a completely new and improved passenger experience at Tanzania’s airports,” Akhil concluded.

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