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African Safari Club change 40 years old policy in Kenya hotels

  • 17-Sep-09 09:15
  • Kenya
  • Holiday Industry

The African Safari Club has now, after 40 years of strict policies, finally eased some of its rules to allow local residents to stay at their Kenya hotels. These changes were put into place after the global economic crisis seriously affected the ASC

African Safari Club change 40 years old policy in Kenya hotels

After 40 years of strict and controversial policies, the African Safari Club, has eased some of its rules and will allow local residents to stay at the range of Kenya hotels. The changes have been put into place after the recent global economic crisis affected the African Safari Club (ASC) resulting in the closure of six of the hotel chain's hotels in 2008.

Frank Neugebauer, Managing Director of African Safari Club, said:

"For many years our hotels used to be packed with foreign holidaymakers since the industry was performing well. We had our own chartered plane which used to ferry tourists from Europe. But the global economic crisis coupled with the post-election violence which cost us massive cancellation of bookings has left the hotel chain struggling.

"Beginning next month, we shall open our doors to locals so that they can sample our tourist facilities. We shall offer Kenyans affordable rates for accommodation and meals."

African Safari Club caused uproar a few years ago after kicking out the boyfriend of a foreign guest after they had checked in to one of the chain's hotels because he was a local Kenyan. Until recently, African Safari Club properties have had strict rules in place which meant their Kenya hotels and facilities could only be used by foreigners and tourists, but because of the recession and the increase in locals taking Kenya holidays, they have had to drop these policies.

Kenya has a wide range of luxury hotels available to travellers from all over the world including all inclusive Mombasa hotels and a range of luxury accommodation all along the coast. The African Safari Club hotel group have also had problems this year with staff strikes after 700 employees were not paid their salaries. Meeting are in place to address these issues but African Safari Club still remain optimistic about the future.

Neugebauer added:

"At the moment we have more than 600 foreign tourists in our hotels but the number continues to swell as bookings are on the increase in the wake of the forthcoming Winter."

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