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Following Che's Trail on the Path to Revolution

3 stars


A trip for the hiking enthusiast, where you can follow in the footsteps of Cuba's revolutionaries and take in the beautiful landscapes that the country has to offer. Visit many of the famous national parks, monuments and museums dedicated to the revolutionary fighters of Cuba's past. Those who have been to Cuba never forget their affection for the place, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore Cuba’s lush nature, charming heritage and architectural wonders, all within one charismatic getaway.

  • Chart the historical origins of the Cuban Revolution A chance to visit some of the iconic locations from Cuba's past and find out more about the people who instigated this historical event.
  • Enjoy all Cuba has to offer Hike through areas as high as Cuba tallest mountain and as dark as underground caves!
  • Perfect for the hiking enthusiast For those looking to make the most of the beautiful landscapes and outdoor scenery has to offer, look no further than this tour.



Tour highlights

  • Holguín
  • Niquero 
  • Desembarco del Granma National Park
  • Bayamo 
  • Turquino National Park
  • Santiago de Cuba 
  • Camagüey 
  • Trinidad
  • Topes de Collantes national park and waterfalls
  • Santa Clara
  • Havana



Day 1 - Havana
Welcome to Cuba! You will arrive at the international airport in Havana where we can arrange to have a car waiting for you, or you can choose to arrange your own transportation to the Comedoro Hotel.

Day 2 – Holguín
On day 2 you will take a domestic flight to Holguín where we can arrange to have a car waiting for you, or you can choose to arrange your own transportation to a selected 3* hotel in Holguín. Known as ‘Cuba’s city of parks’, this city boasts plenty of charming central squares without the crowds of tourists and guides.

Day 3 – Holguín – Niquero
After breakfast you will head to the peaceful coastal town of Niquero. With a small fishing port, sugar mill and clapboard houses, this town provides a quaint base for an excursion to the Desembarco del Granma National Park. This park is named after the yacht ‘Granmaon’ upon which Fidel Castro and the other revolutionaries arrived in 1956 to be met with a barrage of gunfire from Batista’s waiting army. In the evening you will enjoy a filling dinner and a stay at a 2* hotel in Niquero.

Day 4 – Niquero - Desembarco del Granma National Park- Niquero
On Day 3, you will enjoy an energising breakfast and then you will go on the first hike of your trip! The Desembarco del Granma National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site that consists of 275 sq km of teeming forests and protects the biggest Marine terrace system in all of Cuba. Enjoy discovering the unique coastline of this dramatic natural area and follow Che Guevara’s trail. The hike will last roughly 4 hours. You will enjoy a hearty lunch and dinner with a stay at a 2* hotel in Niquero.

Day 5 – Niquero – Bayamo
On day 4, you will enjoy a breakfast and then you will take another 2.5 hour, invigorating hike in Desembarco del Granma. Later on you will travel to beautiful Bayamo by bus. Bayamo is the capital city of Granma Province of Cuba and one of the largest cities in the orient region of the Cuban nation. Bayamo is the birthplace of the revolution and predates both Havana and Santiago. Soak up the easygoing, slow-paced, trapped-in-time atmosphere and enjoy the plentiful sights of horses, chess players and colorful vibrancy. You will enjoy a hearty lunch and dinner and will spend the night at a 3* hotel in Bayamo.

Day 6 – Bayamo - Turquino National Park
In the morning you will relish a much needed breakfast before heading to Santo Domingo where you will start your climb up Cuba's highest mountain! Set within the beautiful Turquino national park, you will be able to spot rugged terrain, bushy woods, hilly landscape and thriving wilderness as well as the backdrop of some of Cuba’s most important historical stories. The breath-taking park was the base for Fidel Castro’s army providing a hiding space and a launching point for attacks against the Batista army. You will trek for a distance for 4-5 hours, stopping for a rejuvenating lunch break. The hike is medium to high difficulty. Enjoy a filling dinner before you get some rest. You will stay the night in a tent. 

Day 7 - Turquino National Park – Santiago de Cuba
Eat a big breakfast on day 6 as the most demanding, but most beautiful, portion of your hiking trip awaits you: the climb of the top of the highest mountain of the island and in the Turquino national park (1.974m). The hike will bring you through spectacularly varied landscapes. Once you have arrived at the summit you will enjoy a well-deserved break. After a rest you will hike back down and head for Las Cuevas. The hike take 6-7 hours and there will be a lunch provided. At the end of the day, the bus will bring you to Cuba's unofficial capital, Santiago de Cuba for a stay in a 3* hotel.

Day 8 - Santiago de Cuba
Enjoy a big breakfast and then enjoy an entire day to explore Santiago de Cuba yourself. This vibrant colonial city is beautiful and exciting. This pulsating city is famous for literature, music and Afro-Caribbean culture. We recommend that you visit the famous Castillo El Morro, an immense 16th-century citadel, the remarkable cemetery Santa Ifigenia, and the Moncada Museum, one of the best museums in the country. In the evening return to the 3* hotel, for a good night’s sleep.

Day 9 - Santiago de Cuba – Camagüey
Relish a big breakfast and then continue westward along the path of the revolutionaries! Today you will drive to colourful Camaguey. Walk around the beautiful preserved old town and discover one of Camaguey's highlights: big clay jugs decorating gates all around the city. Enjoy a stay at a 2* hotel in Camagüey.

Day 10 – Camagüey - Trinidad
Enjoy a breakfast and then it's off to the energetic city of Trinidad! The old town is wonderful to explore on foot since there are no cars - it's a pedestrian only area. Trinidad is known for its brightly coloured houses and timeless neighbourhoods. Spend the night at a Casa Particular

Day 11 – Trinidad
On Day 10 you will have time to further explore Trinidad. Enjoy cobbled streets and colonial mansions built upon the former riches of the sugar trade and relish the timeless and charming buzz of trotting horses, and bicycles. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, this is truly a fascinating place to explore.

Day 12 – Trinidad – Topes de Collantes
On day 11, you will head to the Topes de Collantes national park, located in the middle of the Sierra de Escambray mountain range. On day 11 you will trek for around 3 hours stopping for a lunch. The hike is medium to high difficulty. At the end of the hike you can go for a swim and stand in the refreshing spray of the Salto de Caburni waterfalls. Commune with nature as you spend the night sleeping in tents.

Day 13 - Topes de Collantes
Enjoy a hearty breakfast before spending your second day in the splendid Topes de Collantes National Park. Hike through the forest characterized by rivers, underground cave systems, lakes and waterfalls. Today you will trek for a distance of around 13 km (5 hours), the hike is medium to high difficulty. Lunch and dinner will be included. Tonight you will once again stay in tents.

Day 14 - Topes de Collantes – Santa Clara
After breakfast you will Leave Topes de Collantes behind you and head towards Santa Clara. Santa Clara is the place where the last, big revolutionary battle against the governmental army took place. Reflect on the impact of the revolution during your visit to the famous Che Guevara Memorial. Spend the night at a 3* hotel in Santa Clara.

Day 15 - Santa Clara – Havana
For a glorious end of the journey you will drive to the capital of the island – Havana, but only after relishing a breakfast spread. Experience the most notable areas of the city during a guided tour. You will visit parks, buildings and sightseeing spots all over. Discover the hidden treasures of this beautiful and lively city. You will spend your last night of the tour at a 4* hotel in Havana.

Day 16 – Havana
We can drive you to the airport if you would like or you can arrange your own transportation. We would be delighted to help you extend your stay in Havana and book a few more nights for you with one of our add-ons if you're still not quite ready to head home. See you next time!


Please note that this tour is not suitable for those with walking difficulties.

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 Day 1 to 16

Following Che's Trail on the Path to Revolution

following che's trail on the path to revolution
  • Day 1Havana
  • Day 2Holguin - Niquero
  • Day 3Holguin
  • Day 4Niquero – Bayamo
  • Day 5Niquero - Desembarco Del Granma National Park- Niquero
  • Day 6Turquino National Park – Santiago De Cuba
  • Day 7Bayamo - Turquino National Park
  • Day 8Santiago De Cuba - Camagüey
  • Day 9Camagüey - Trinidad
  • Day 10Santiago De Cuba
  • Day 11Trinidad
  • Day 12Trinidad - Topes De Collantes
  • Day 13Topes De Collantes
  • Day 14Topes De Collantes - Santa Clara
  • Day 15Havana - Departure
  • Day 16Santa Clara - Havana

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