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A Luxury Adventure Discovering the Wonders of Laos

5.0 stars

vientiane, laos

The Experience

Laos isn’t as well-known as its other far eastern neighbours, making it a true hidden gem just waiting to be explored. Get a sense of what this country has to offer with this exciting tour, showcasing its stunning landscapes, ancient history and its friendly culture.

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Why we love this holiday £450 off
  • Watch the sunset over the mighty Mekong River
  • Dine on authentic local delicacies in a traditional Lao house
  • Luxury accommodation throughout
Selected dates between 17-Oct-2018 and 31-Oct-2019; Based on a 9 night stay leaving from Heathrow

 Included flights

 UK Departure

  • Departs: london
  • Arrives: vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

 Return Flight

  • Departs: luang prabang, Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Arrives: london
 Day 2 to 10

A Taste of Laos - Deluxe Tour

5 stars
  • As Per Itinerary
  • As Per Itinerary
  • Learn the tricks of the trade with a fun Bamboo Experience
  • Explore Laos’ most beautiful waterfalls
  • Luxury hotel accomodation

Revel in the change of pace and laid back atmosphere that seems to settle over Laos, where Buddhism prevails, this landlocked country has much to offer any traveller. With a rich and ancient history dating back centuries, it is easy to wander through the array of beautiful temples and vibrant pagodas and imagine a bygone era. Open your soul and enjoy a taste of what Laos has to show, from the fragrant valleys in Vientiane and ancient temples of Luang Prabang, to the cascading waterfalls of the 4,000 Islands, this tour has it all. Make it that little bit more special by experiencing the wonders of Laos in complete luxury with our choice of exquisite 5* hotels.

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£2099 per person

Special Offer £450 off Oct 17 2018 - Oct 31 2019
Price for 9 nights, 2 Adults flying 11 December 2018 from Heathrow with Vietnam Airlines
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  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Representation Services

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Departing 11 December 2018
Staying for 9 nights
Passengers 2 adults

Room 1

Flying from heathrow
Flying with vietnam airlines
  • Your price starts at £4198
  • Average per person £2099

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Price for 9 nights, 2 Adults flying 11 December 2018 from Heathrow with Vietnam Airlines