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Rejuvenate the Soul with a Blissful Stay on the Island of Lombok

4.0 stars

lombok, indonesia

In the local Sasak language, Jeeva translates as ‘soul’ and there is a strong focus on enriching the soul at the stunning Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok. Take in your awe-inspiring surroundings of the turquoise waters, golden beaches and the majestic Mount Rinjani in the heart of the island and you feel completely rejuvenated. Better yet, head to the Jeevaniya Spa for a range of bliss inducing treatments and massages whilst gazing out at the Lombok Strait and lush mountains. During your stay, there is plenty on offer by the resort to help you explore the island with the likes of world class diving and snorkelling sites, hikes up RInjani and cultural excursions. You are guaranteed to feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed after a stay on the island.

  1. Arrival
    Day 1-2

    Flight + Transfer

    Fly from Heathrow to Lop on Singapore Airlines

    Private Car Transfer to Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok

  2. jeeva klui resort lombok
    Day 2-8

    jeeva klui resort lombok

    Meal Plan: Bed and Breakfast
    Room Type:

    Hidden on a secluded stretch of beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean and beyond to the island of Bali, the Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok sits with the dramatic sight of the island’s volcano behind it. Taking into account traditional architecture and a focus on the environment, this charming resort offers an ideal base to explore the lush island of...

  3. Departure
    Day 8

    Transfer + Flight

    Private Car Transfer from Jeeva Klui Resort Lombok

    Fly from Lop to Heathrow on Singapore Airlines

£1089 per person

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Price for 7 nights, 2 Adults flying 29 October 2018 from Heathrow with Singapore Airlines
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Departing 29 October 2018
Staying for 7 nights
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Price for 7 nights, 2 Adults flying 29 October 2018 from Heathrow with Singapore Airlines