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Take Advantage of This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Join the Mexico Highlights Tour Combined with with a Brilliant Beach Stay

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The Experience

Enjoy an authentic tour in the fantastic, unique country of Mexico where there is loads of history and traditions to discover sure to provide memories to last a lifetime. Followed by a fantastic stay at SeaDust which is set by the beautiful Playa Delfines, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There is something for everyone on offer at the resort.

Why we love this holiday £500 off
  • You will be staying at various deluxe hotels on this tour with none below a 4* standard and travel in an air conditioned vehicle
  • The luxury SeaDust is a beachfront resort that is well located in Cancun's hotel zone and boasts 11 restaurants, an adults only section and a world class spa
  • Highlights on this tour include a Mexico City Tour, Sightseeing tour in Oxaca and a Merida City Tour along with much more
Selected dates between 18-Oct-2018 and 31-Oct-2019; Based on a 12 night stay leaving from Heathrow

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  • Departs: london
  • Arrives: mexico city, Mexico

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  • Departs: cancun, Mexico
  • Arrives: london
 Day 1 to 10

Mexico Highlights

4 stars
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  • As Per Itinerary
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  • Highlights on this tour
  • Enjoy a holiday of a lifetime on this tour

Enjoy an authentic tour in the fantastic, unique country of Mexico where there is loads history and traditions to discover sure to provide memories to last a lifetime. This tour is ideal for those who search for places with a profound culture, historic legacy, colonial monuments, world class museums and archaeological sites

Tour Highlights

Mexico City - Visit to the Zocalo, National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral and much more with a City Tour, Guided excursion of Teotihuacan Pyramids and National Anthropology Museum

Oaxaca - Sightseeing tour, UNESCO as a Historic Value of Mankind, Archeological Zone of Monte Alban

Tehuantepec - Arbol del Tule

San Cristobal de Las Casas - beautiful colonial town, San Juan Chamula church

Palenque - Visit to the archaeological site

Campeche - UNESCO has awarded the recognition to The City of Campeche for its beautiful colonial architecture and restoration of its facades

Merida - City tour of 'The White City'

Day 1 - Arrival in Mexico City

Mexico City, once the Capital of the Aztec Empire, is 2,200 meters above sea level and has in the Valley of the Nation's capital, a population exceeding 22 million people, plus another 5 million in a radius of 70 kilometres. Development of such a megalopolis contains a path full of historic and physical factors that permitted the City to reach such size. All over, as well as nearby, you find the heritage of the Pre-Hispanic societies that populated or influenced the configuration of such colossal urban settlement. The 16th Century witnessed the Conquest of the Country by the Spanish expeditionary army and the religious missionaries, both changing believes and way of life of the aborigine groups. A new architecture was enforced using as foundation for the new buildings, the religious monuments of the existing people. Churches were placed on top of the aborigine temples and today you find Colonial Churches with rich and artistic furnishings and in some cases next to the church, what was not used as a foundation, has been uncovered to its original archaeological formation. Mexico City has a Historic District which central square known as the Zocalo right in the Centre of the City.

Overnight in Mexico City.

Day 2 - Mexico City. City Tour & Anthropology Museum

Enjoy a Mexico City Guided Tour, visiting major attractions. We will start visiting the National Anthropology Museum. Continuing to El Zocalo. You will see the National Palace with an extended series of Mural Paintings that show a Graphic evolution of the History of the Country and which were painted by Diego Rivera. The Metropolitan Cathedral The oldest and largest cathedral in Latin America, a spectacular building intended to distract the Aztec people from their own previous believes and convert them to the new religion. Also, right in the rear of the Cathedral, the Tenochtitlan Templo Mayor Pyramids, part of the big Ceremonial Centre of the Aztecs, used as a foundation for other religious buildings. Templo Mayor was not only the most visible sight of an immense urban complex, but also represented the cosmic centre of the universe for the Aztecs. You will see The Palacio de Bellas Artes a 19th Century all white marble building performing as a theatre as well as an Art Museum. To get a feeling of the City you will drive along the Paseo de la Reforma, inspired by the "Champs Elisee" in Paris.

Overnight in Mexico City.

Day 3 - Mexico City - Guadalupe Shrine & Teotihuacan

You will undertake a guided excursion to the outstanding Teotihuacan Pyramids, starting with a visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe Shrine. This Church is a place of pilgrimage for millions of Mexicans and other parts of the World. The day will then dedicate a visit to the ancient archaeological zone of Teotihuacan north of Mexico City. This was the Toltec-Aztec Ceremonial Centre of Teotihuacan with an archaeological Site as impressive or more, as the Egyptian Pyramids. These Monumental Buildings where constructed by Toltec Architects, a very advanced Culture dominated by the Aztecs before the Conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. You will see its impressive Toltec Pyramids dedicated to the Sun, the Moon, the Quetzalcoatl Temple and the fortresses, the largest monuments of their type in the World.

Overnight in Mexico City.

Day 4 - Mexico - Oaxaca

An early morning departure to transit towards the Colonial City of Oaxaca. When arriving (at the afternoon), we will be able to have a Sightseeing tour on the City. Oaxaca past was enhanced by Gold producing mines that led to impressive palaces, churches and public buildings, which stand today as an architectural Colonial Treasure, already recognised by the UNESCO as a Historic Value of Mankind. Oaxaca in its Colonial Monuments have received the title of "Very noble and loyal city" from King Charles V of Spain. Among the many colonial buildings with green quarry stone there is the Santo Domingo Monastery.

Overnight in Oaxaca

Day 5 - Oaxaca - Tehuantepec

On day 5, before driving towards Tehuantepec, we will go to the hills on the western outside of the City, to visit the Archaeological Zone of Monte Alban, which was the capital in its time, of the Zapotec Empire which before the Spaniards was overtaken by the Mixtecas, another group of intensive builders and warriors. In its time, Monte Alban gathered up to 35,000 inhabitants. Investigators studying Monte Alban's outstanding architecture, the buildings, burials, ceramics and jewellery, divided Monte Alban in five different stages. Starting 500 BC until 1521 when the Spanish Conquerors arrived. It's peak is considered between 350 and 750 A.D. Over 180 tombs have been opened, since the first one. Tomb No. 7 was the one that started the whole recovery of Monte Alban. This happening started out the Archaeological conciseness in Mexico, which initiated in 1932. There are many inscriptions and carvings on their Monuments. Monte Alban is on an artificially flattened plateau, there is a great plaza, which is the nucleus of the compound. The buildings stretch out harmoniously. There are remarkable slabs showing relieves of human figures known as "Danzantes" (the dancers). Around the ball game court several burial sites have been found with rich treasures, such as the splendid offerings. From the heights of this settlement, there are spectacular views over the surrounding valleys and the city of Oaxaca. Completed our visit, we will continue to Tehuantepec, world famous destination for its matriarchal social system unique in Mexico. On the way we will stop at "Arbol del Tule" one of the largest, widest and most ancient trees in the world.

Overnight in Tehuantepec an agricultural town with its own traditions and influence from the Zapotec-Mixteca Culture.

Day 6 - Tehuantepec - San Cristobal de Las Casas

We will start our day with a transit of a bit more than 4 1/2 hours, arriving to the Colonial, but quite aborigine town of Chiapa de Corzo, to initiate our decent in to the Sumidero Canyon, a natural geological wonder, carved as an incision through the Mountains by the forceful waters of the Grijalva River. The cliffs and granite walls of the canyon reach up to 800 meters above the river level. According to the legend, the Chiapa Indians resisting the Spanish would rather throw themselves down than become prisoners. After the Canyon, we will continue to San Cristobal de Las Casas. It was formerly the state's capital and used to be called Ciudad Real. This town combines its colonial heritage and a strong Indian culture. The rich and colourful dresses are a characteristic of each ethnic group.

Overnight will be in San Cristobal Las Casas a beautiful colonial town very proud of its art and traditions.

Day 7 - San Cristobal de Las Casas - Indian Comunity - Palenque

San Cristobal de las Casas life's appears to be concentrated in its prodigious market which combines the picturesque costumes of Tzotzil Indians descended from their villages with donkeys and baskets. One of the most colourful of the country and a true encounter with the Indians of Chiapas selling the products of their culture. Chamulas are distinguished by their long woollen tunic maintained at the waist by a colourful and their tunics and white trousers and straw hats. This day we will depart to the picturesque village of San Juan Chamula to visit its interesting church, where ceremonies are held astonishing shamans to cure the illnesses Chamulas spiritual, by curses and cures surprising. Afterwards continue to Palenque.

Overnight in Palenque.

Day 8 - Palenque - Campeche

In the morning of day 8 we visit the archaeological site of Palenque. This ancient Mayan City reached its peak from the sixth to the eighth centuries A.D. Palenque, is a more rigidly conservative architecture compared to other Classic Maya sites. Still Palenque is one of the most enigmatical sites and has held its secrets for over twelve hundred years. The setting is nestled against the mountain wall, surrounded by flourishing vegetation deep in the rain forest. You will see endless levels of Maya man-made terraces, bearing uncounted structures, most of which appear to have been mausoleums. You will find a marked contrast between Palenque and other Classic Maya sites. The most outstanding buildings are: The Temple of the Inscriptions, a majestic pyramid with a secret crypt; The Fabulous Royal Pakal Tomb; with an exquisitely engraved monolithic sarcophagus; The Palace with a four story high square tower, probably used as an astronomical observatory; The Temples of the Cross, The Temples of The Jaguar and The Temple of The Sun. Palenque added additional roof toppings to its buildings producing an extra height, compared to other Classic Buildings. In the Afternoon we will transit towards the City of Campeche through the Tropical Forest and later along the Gulf of Mexico Coast, as we enter the Yucatan Peninsula's West side. We will see different types of villages as we cover our route until our arrival in Campeche which used to be the main town of the Mayan province of Ah Kim Pech, which means "Serpent Tick" and was founded around the 3rd century AD. The City of Campeche was one of the Head Quarters of the Spanish Conquerors that established their reign over the big Mayan Civilization settled all along the Yucatan Peninsula and way down it to Central America. The First Spaniard soldiers got to Campeche in the year 1517 and although were defeated on the first intent, stayed anyway and took over this Mayan Provincial Capital, proceeding with its colonization. In the Mid 16th Century, Campeche had become an important port with an already established wall around the City in order to prevent a further defeat. Later it prevented attacks from Pirates that would move in from the Caribbean. UNESCO has awarded the recognition to The City of Campeche for its beautiful colonial architecture and restoration of its facades.

Overnight in Campeche.

Day 9 - Campeche - Uxmal - Merida

This day we will transit towards Uxmal. Uxmal, meaning "Three times constructed". Uxmal is considered a major site. The architecture of Uxmal is among the most majestic on the Yucatan Peninsula. Its beauty is characterised by low and horizontal palaces, placed around patios and quadrants richly decorated with detailed sculptures. Uxmal is enveloped by legends and myths, situated within a series of hills known as the Pucc or mountainous area in Mayan Country. We will then drive another hour and go to Merida the Capital of Yucatan, known as "The White City" to take a city tour. Merida the capital of the State of Yucatan is today a large City with over a Million inhabitants. Merida has preserved its Colonial Heritage in the Historic District of the Town. It is the Centre of the State and all the roads converge at the State Capital. Such is the case of The ceremonial Centre of Uxmal and the nearby Puuc Route, The Circuit of The convents and Izamal or the Coastal scenic roads leading to Flamingo Territory. Eastwards a Modern Highway take you to Chichen Itza sacred Maya Ceremonial Centre, voted one of today's Seven Modern Wonders of the World. Merida's Central Square or "Plaza Grande" is surrounded by ancient buildings that form the Historic District such as The San Idelfonso Cathedral of Merida, the most antique church of the American Continent, built in the second half of the XVIth Century. Merida's Cathedral has one of the biggest interior Statues of Christ in the World. Merida was founded on January 6th, 1542 on the indigenous trace of Ichcaanziho's City, called also T'ho.

Overnight in Merida.

Day 10 - Merida - Chichen Itza - Cancun

On the 10th day, we will transit just over 2 hours to Chichen Itza the Mayan Post Classic Sacred City, which represents the most intact and impressive of the Ruins of the Mayan Civilization that the modern world preserves. Chichen Itza means "The Mouth of the Well". Chichen itza has a huge "Cenote" a big pond nourished by underground rivers which supplied clean water to the complex. Chichen Itza, as other Mayan Centres was originally a ceremonial and spiritual site instead of a commercial area. Has maybe the most impressive Pyramid of all the Maya World. The Castle with 4 staircases (One for each season of the Year) with 91 steps each, totalling 365 with the top platform. The orientation of the pyramid is such that for about an hour around 4 o'clock during the spring and fall equinoxes (march 21 & September 21), the shadow of north-west edge of the pyramid on the side of the north stairway, draws seven triangles of light that imitates a serpent creeping downwards until it joins the huge serpent's head at the bottom of the stairway. This was a Religious message telling the people its time to seed the land or it is time to harvest with the Blessing of Kukulkan. At Chichen Itza, you will see an Astrological Observatory with a design similar to other built in the Modern Age. There are many more buildings such as The Temple of the Warriors, part of the "Thousand Columns Complex", the Temple of the Jaguars, the Ball Court, the biggest in Mezzo America. Chichen Itza is One of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World.
After a visit of almost 2 hours, we will take another 2 and a half hour transit to Cancun.

Drop off at Beach hotel in Cancun.

Average temperature in °C for Mexico and Cancun
303228262823 2425
 Day 10 to 13

Seadust Cancun

5 stars
  • Deluxe
  • All Inclusive
  • Great dining opportunities and a range of bars
  • fabulous water park and clubs for the kids
  • beachfront location in cancun hotel zone

SeaDust Cancun is set by the beautiful Playa Delfines, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This resort truly offers something for everyone – whether you want to laze on the beautiful beach, scuba dive in the crystalline waters, play miniature golf or enjoy a pampering spa treatment, SeaDust Cancun will accommodate your wishes. SeaDust is ideal for families, with a wide choice of restaurants and superb facilities for children. There is a water park complete with a pirate ship and slides as well as clubs for babies and kids. The hotel also has a number unique attractions to further your enjoyment - a fun casino bar, karaoke bar, zipline and climbing wall. The spacious guest rooms feature a private balcony with ocean views, perfect for ultimate relaxing. The resort also offers a number of family rooms. SeaDust offers an unforgettable experience for both a relaxed family holiday and a romantic holiday by the beach.

Average temperature in °C for Mexico and Cancun
303228262823 2425

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