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Take Advantage of This Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Join the Mexico Highlights Tour Combined with with a Brilliant Beach Stay

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mexico city + cancun beach, cancun

Enjoy an authentic tour in the fantastic, unique country of Mexico where there is loads of history and traditions to discover sure to provide memories to last a lifetime. Followed by a fantastic stay at SeaDust which is set by the beautiful Playa Delfines, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. There is something for everyone on offer at the resort.

  1. Arrival
    Day 1


    Fly from Heathrow to Mexico City on Aeromexico

  2. mexico highlights
    Day 1-10

    mexico highlights

    1. Day 1

      Arrival in Mexico City–Mexico City, once the Capital of the Aztec Empire, is 2,200 meters above sea level and has in the Valley of the Nation's capital, a population exceeding 22 million people, plus another 5 million in a radius of 70 kilometres. Overnight in Mexico City.

    2. Day 2

      Mexico City–Enjoy a Mexico City Guided Tour, visiting major attractions. We will start visiting the National Anthropology Museum. Overnight in Mexico City.

    3. Day 3

      Mexico City–You will undertake a guided excursion to the outstanding Teotihuacan Pyramids, starting with a visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe Shrine. Overnight in Mexico City.

    4. Day 4

      Mexico City - Oaxaca–An early morning departure to transit towards the Colonial City of Oaxaca. When arriving (at the afternoon). We will be able to have a Sightseeing tour on the City, already recognised by the UNESCO as a Historic Value of Mankind. Overnight in Oaxaca

    5. Day 5

      Oaxaca - Tehuantepec–On day 5, before driving towards Tehuantepec, we will go to the hills on the western outside of the City, to visit the Archaeological Zone of Monte Alban. continue to Tehuantepec, world famous destination for its matriarchal social system unique in Mexico. On the way we will stop at "Arbol del Tule" one of the largest, widest and most ancient trees in the world. Overnight in Tehuantepec an agricultural town with its own traditions and influence from the Zapotec-Mixteca Culture.

    6. Day 6

      Tehuantepec - San Cristobal de Las Casas–We will start our day with a transit of a bit more than 4 1/2 hours, arriving to the Colonial, but quite aborigine town of Chiapa de Corzo, to initiate our descent in to the Sumidero Canyon, a natural geological wonder, carved as an incision through the Mountains by the forceful waters of the Grijalva River. Overnight will be in San Cristobal Las Casas a beautiful colonial town very proud of its art and traditions.

    7. Day 7

      San Cristobal de Las Casas - Indian Comunity - Palenque– San Cristobal de las Casas life's appears to be concentrated in its prodigious market which combines the picturesque costumes of Tzotzil Indians descended from their villages with donkeys and baskets. One of the most colourful of the country and a true encounter with the Indians of Chiapas selling the products of their culture. Afterwards continue to Palenque. Overnight in Palenque.

    8. Day 8

      Palenque - Campeche–In the morning of day 8 we visit the archaeological site of Palenque. This ancient Mayan City reached its peak from the sixth to the eighth centuries A.D. Palenque, is a more rigidly conservative architecture compared to other Classic Maya sites.In the Afternoon we will transit towards the City of Campeche through the Tropical Forest and later along the Gulf of Mexico Coast.UNESCO has awarded the recognition to The City of Campeche for its beautiful colonial architecture and restoration of its facades. Overnight in Campeche.

    9. Day 9

      Campeche - Uxmal - Merida–This day we will transit towards Uxmal. Uxmal, meaning "Three times constructed". Uxmal is considered a major site. We will then drive another hour and go to Merida the Capital of Yucatan, known as "The White City" to take a city tour. Overnight in Merida.

    10. Day 10

      Merida - Chichen Itza - Cancun–On the 10th day, we will transit just over 2 hours to Chichen Itza the Mayan Post Classic Sacred City. After a visit of almost 2 hours, we will take another 2 and a half hour transit to Cancun. Drop off at Beach hotel in Cancun.

  3. seadust cancun
    Day 10-13

    seadust cancun

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    SeaDust Cancun is set by the beautiful Playa Delfines, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This resort truly offers something for everyone – whether you want to laze on the beautiful beach, scuba dive in the crystalline waters, play miniature golf or enjoy a pampering spa treatment, SeaDust Cancun will accommodate your wishes. SeaDust is ideal for...

  4. Departure
    Day 13

    Transfer + Flight

    Coach Transfer from Seadust Cancun

    Fly from Cancun International Airport to Heathrow on Aeromexico

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