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Holidays in Mui Ne

Mui Ne

Travel to Mui Ne in Vietnam with The Holiday Place and encounter beautiful beaches, modern luxury and the tale of Vietnam's history.

Mui Ne in a nutshell

A historic fishing village which once drew in nomadic tourists, Mui Ne has undergone a modern transformation, inviting visitors from around the world to experience its glorious beaches, luxurious contemporary accommodation and the fascinating tales of life in Vietnam from the earliest days of the 8th century in Mui Ne's many ancient temples.

Mui Ne holidays

Once upon a time, Mui Ne was a nomadic destination, with its white sandy beaches full of tents and fishermen. In the last 15 years, it’s been discovered by holiday makers and is now a beautiful haven for visitors, offering a wonderful mix of ancient Vietnamese civilisation with the ever popular appeal of an exotic beach holiday.

What makes this resort special? Retaining many of its historic features, Mui Ne gives you 10 kilometres of glorious golden beaches. Mother Nature moves the sands up and down the 10km stretch, meaning that the best location on the palm tree lined beach is different every day.

Take your pick from fine dining, kite surfing on the beach, or simply hiding out among the white sand dunes. Thanks to Mui Ne’s recent development, you’ll find plenty of modern facilities on offer in this new community.

There’s something quite ethereal and romantic about Miu Ne. Perhaps it’s the Fairy Stream, which winds its way along the forests of bamboo, canyons and dunes. You can wander through its ankle deep sandy waters, watching the miniature waterfalls, as the warm red, white and orange sand moves underfoot.

You’ll also find it perfect for astronomers of all levels, offering unsurpassed views of events like the eclipse which drew scientists and stargazers alike.

The main attractions to visit

Whether you’re looking for history, culture, or simply the best beaches in Vietnam, Mui Ne caters for you. The main historic attractions are the Po Sha Inu Towers, built in the 8th century by the ancient Cham culture. Visit during a festival such as the Lunar New Year, or Vietnamese New Year, and you’ll be dazzled by unforgettable performances of traditional music, dance and arts.

Foodies may enjoy seeing how fish sauce is made. The Vietnamese use fish sauce in the same way we’d use salt, as a condiment and cooking ingredient. Vietnamese food will almost certainly always contain fish sauce. If nothing else, the pungent aroma of this complex process will certainly give you something to talk about with friends at home.

Mui Ne Market, at the north end of the bay, is worth seeing, particularly for the keen photographer. The entrance provides a beautiful vista, with the many colourful fishing boats ready to head out to sea. Freshly caught steamed shellfish is available to purchase if you fancy a snack, with one part of the beach now completely full of the discarded clam shells of fishermen now taking over from sand.

A distinctive and rising star of the Vietnamese coast, you’re sure to find somewhere special when you visit Mui Ne.

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