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Go on tour in Ecuador

From beautiful hillside towns to breathtaking volcanoes and peaceful coastal resorts, Ecuador holidays can offer you a little bit of everything. Whether you are making this a family holiday to remember, travelling solo or bringing along a partner, it can be difficult to pick exactly where to visit in this fantastic South American country.

With so much to see and do, more and more visitors are deciding that tours of Ecuador are the best way to see this incredible nation, and ensure they don't miss a thing. Our travel experts can help plan you the best tour possible, so that you get everything you want from your Ecuador holiday.

Ecuador highlights


Listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cuenca is a city bursting with historical buildings and examples of stunning architecture. It is also famed for its thriving nightlife and standout museums, not to mention the stunning landscape. Nestled in the Andes, Cuenca is surrounded by four major rivers and mountains, ensuring visitors are treated to some breathtaking views.


Ecuador's capital Quito is home to another UNESCO World Heritage Site in its Old Town area, where you can explore the country's colonial history. However, Quito is far from just a great place for history buffs as the streets are packed with bustling markets and restaurants, giving the city a life of its own.

The Amazon Rainforest

Although Ecuador has just a small portion of the Amazon Rainforest, compared to countries like Brazil, it offers visitors a completely different wildlife experience. With blackwater lagoons and thick tree canopies, you'll get the distinct feeling that you are an intrepid explorer in a faraway jungle. And there is plenty to explore, with caiman crocodiles, pink dolphins and monkeys all calling this incredible environment home.

El Cajas National Park

With around 250 lakes and ponds, a hike around El Cajas National Park in the highlands is a must-do experience for those who want to see the great outdoors on their tour of Ecuador. The walk is extremely accessible, meaning most people can explore the park and benefit from the breathtaking views it offers of the Ecuadorian countryside.

Inca Ruins

As the only remaining Inca sun temple in the world, a journey to Ingapirca is well worth the effort. With series of complex stone structures surrounding the temple itself, you will probably want to get a guide to help you understand the meaning behind these historical feats. A guide will also explain the cultural significance of the Inca ruins and the important role they played in history.

Galapagos Islands

Around 1,000 km away from mainland Ecuador are the breathtaking and inspiring Galapagos Islands. Said to have motivated Charles Darwin's Origin of Species work, they are a spectacular sight to behold. In fact, no nature lover's tour of Ecuador would be complete without making the trip to these incredibly diverse islands.

Go on tour in Ecuador

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