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The Mayan Culture reigned on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Southe Estern side of Mexico, enclosed by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. It was in this area, where the Mayans reached their superior degree of development. Nonetheless, the Mayan Civilization covered a vast extension, from Mexico's Southern Pacific Coast and all the way in to Central America. Traces of Maya nomad settlements date back to 1500 BC. We distinguish mainly 3 Mayan periods of social and urban development: Nomad, Mayan Pre-Classical and Mayan Classical. These periods are relatively evident in their building techniques, their carved inscriptions on their pyramids, buildings and temples. The Mayans developed a structure of writing, using hieroglyphs; and so kept record of Mayan findings in mathematics, architecture and astronomy.

Tour Highlights

Uxmal - Visit to the architecture

Merida - City Tour

Izamal - Visit to the Second largest convent in the world

Chicken Itza - Visit to the breath taking constructions

Day 1 (Tues) - Arrival In Cancun

Welcome at Cancun International airport and transfer to hotel in downtown.

Overnight in Cancun.

Day 2 (Wed) - Cancun - Uxmal - Merida

Early departure from your hotel lobby Uxmal to visit the site. Uxmal, which in Mayan means "Three times constructed". The architecture of Uxmal is among the most majestic in Yucatan. Its beauty is characterized by low and horizontal palaces placed around patios and quadrants richly decorated with detailed sculptures. You will be able to view the Pyramid of the Magician, the Nuns' Quarters, the Governor's Palace and the Main Pyramid. The governor's house and the temple of the wizard are considered architectonic marvels by experts for their precise construction and beauty. Uxmal, enveloped by legends and myths is situated within a series of hills known as the "Pucc region" or the mountainous area of the Yucatan.

Overnight in Merida.

Day 3 (Thurs) - Merida - Izamal - Chciken Itza - Cancun

Check out from the hotel and commence a city tour in Merida before we start our way to Izamal to visit a quaint colonial city where time seems to be stopped. The city's convent has the second largest atrium in the world after the one at St. Peters in the Vatican. The first missionary convent in Mexico was built in Izamal as the city was founded just after 1542.
We will continue to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza, an archaeological site that represents the most intact and impressive of the ruins of the Mayan Civilization that the modern world preserves today. Chichen Itza means "Mouth of the well of the Itzaes". Its impressive constructions include the splendid Castle or Pyramid of Kukulcan, the Ball court; the Observatory and the Sacred well just to mention a few. All of these structures are breathtaking.

After the visit, we will continue towards Cancun, where you will be dropped off in your hotel.

  • H Moon Palace Cancun

    Hotel in Cancun Beach resort

  • T Arrival in Cancun

    Taste of Yucatan
    Activity 1

  • T Cancun - Uxmal - Merida

    Taste of Yucatan
    Activity 2

  • T Merida - Izamal - Chciken Itza - Cancun

    Taste of Yucatan
    Activity 3

  • A Cancun International Airport

    Airport in Cancun city

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Mexico and Cancun, Figures and Facts

Climate (Tropical)

Hot and sunny from January to December, the weather in Cancun is much like the weather of any other Caribbean destination, with year-long temperatures oscillating around 25-30 degrees Celsius, peaking at the height of the summer months between May to September and seeing the strongest winds and rains between September and November. But even the rainy season shouldn't put travellers off visiting during this time as bright spells of sunshine are still guaranteed virtually every day.

Average °C 232425212728233032282628
Minimum °C 232425202728233032282427
Maximum °C 232425212728233032282828
Sunshine (hours) 889101011101111988
Rain (cm) 3413317191624189
Average Rainfall Days 232111111333

Useful information

  • Time Difference

    GMT -6 hours

  • Language


  • Currency

    Mexican Peso (MXN)

  • Local laws & customs

    Due to local customs and etiquette rules some countries observe a strict dress code. This is especially true for most Muslim countries. Please show respect for local customs and dress accordingly so as not to offend locals or attract unwanted attention.
    Some countries also have strict custom laws on what items you can import and export. Always check with the local tourist board before travelling.

  • Health requirements

    Be aware that prior to visiting some countries you may need to get specific immunisation against some diseases. Consult your local GP and check with the FCO website to find out if you will need any vaccinations before travelling. Also, to ensure your health is covered while you’re away it might be worth investing in some health insurance. In some countries this is a strict requirement.

  • Visa/Documentation

    Some countries require specific permits or visas to allow entry. Please ensure your passport is up to date in advance and check the FCO website for more detailed information.

  • Best time to travel

    February to May

  • Tipping

    10% in bars, restaurants and taxis

  • Calls

    To call Mexico and Cancun from the UK dial 00
    To call the UK from Mexico and Cancun dial 044 followed by your phone number

  • Electricity

    Electricity in Mexico is 127 volts / 60Hz. Most common socket / plugs are type A
    Type B plugs/sockets are also in use