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When should I travel to Grenada?

Grenada's climate

Like many other Caribbean nations, Grenada's climate is best described as tropical with two distinct seasons - wet and dry. The wet season runs from June to December and is, unsurprisingly, when the most rain falls on the islands. Generally, the coastal regions are hot and humid for the entire year, while the forested mountains of the interior experience light rain regardless of the season.

The dry period, which is from January to May, is when you're least likely to see any rain, although showers do fall occasionally. Temperatures remain constant throughout the year, regardless of the level of precipitation, averaging around 30 degrees Celsius by day and dropping to a very balmy 23 degrees Celsius overnight.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the hurricane season in the Caribbean falls between June and November. Although Grenada lies to the south of the main hurricane belt, there's no guarantee which part of the region will be hit by storms, so keep an eye on the forecast if you're planning a trip during this time of the year.

When is the best time to travel?

As you've probably gathered, the peak season for holidays in Grenada is in the dry period from January to May, when the weather is the most favourable with milder temperatures and the least chance ofrain. As it also falls in much of the UK's winter, it's an attractive time to jet off for some sunshine.

Of course, as it's the best time to travel, it's also when the destination is at its most expensive, so consider going out of this season if you want to get a great deal on your hotel in Grenada. If you are thinking of booking an off-season break, avoid July and August, as these months are typically when the most rain falls (and also when rates are likely to be pushed up again due to kids going out of school for the summer break and making it the official "family travelling months").

If you intend to spend some time exploring the inland mountains, it's best to go during the dry period because, even though there will still be rain in these areas at this time of the year, it will be considerably less than what you'll experience in the wet season.

Travelling to Grenada for diving

Grenada is one of the premier scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean, as it is not only home to stunning tropical reefs, but also a host of shipwrecks, which has earned it the title of the ‘Shipwreck Capital of the Caribbean'.

Diving conditions are generally good throughout the year, with the off-peak months of August to October cited as being particularly excellent. Visibility ranges from around 9 m to 30 m, depending on not only the weather, but also currents and plankton blooms in the water.

If you do travel in the wetter months, or around the hurricane season, do be aware that you might experience a day or more of rougher seas and stormy weather, which could prevent you from diving or limit your choice of dive sites.

Public holidays in Grenada

Grenada is a predominantly Christian country, which means it observes many of the same public holidays as the UK, including Easter and Christmas. However, there are also a number of interesting festivals that take place in Grenada throughout the year, which are worth looking into if you'd like to get to know the local culture better.

One of the real highlights is the Spicemas festival, which is Grenada's colourful carnival celebration. This takes place on the second Monday and Tuesday of August every year, and sees a vibrant and eclectic procession hit the streets. Although it has a distinctly Caribbean feel, it also pays tribute to the nation's African, French and British influences and is a true spectacle.

April, meanwhile, is when the Carriacou Maroon and String Band Music Festival is held, with this event showcasing the wonderful music that stems from the island's African connections.

Other important dates in Grenada's calendar include its Independence Day, on 7th February, and Thanksgiving Day on25th October. The latter marks the intervention of American and Caribbean forces in an effort to restore peace and stability to the isle following the death of the prime minister and several of his colleagues.

Meterological information

Average °C 272727272828282828292828
Minimum °C 242323232525252425252524
Maximum °C 303030303131313131323131
Sunshine (hours) 788888778777
Rain (cm) 2153434131414121417

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