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Experience the best of both worlds in Tanzania

Tanzania is famous for its amazing national parks and fantastic safari experiences, but those are far from being the only reasons to visit this east African nation. Just off its coast lie the islands of Zanzibar - a pristine tropical paradise with white sand beaches and waters teeming with marine life.

This makes the country the ideal choice if you're not sure what kind of holiday to go on - you can spend time discovering Africa's astounding wildlife at one of the region's top game reserves and then enjoy a few days or even a week sunning yourself on some of the most picture-perfect beaches you're ever likely to come across.

So, if you're searching for the perfect safari and beach twin-centre holiday, look no further than Tanzania.

The Serengeti: the ultimate safari destination

Serengeti National Park is known the world over and is home to some of the top safari lodges in Tanzania. Your accommodation here can be as basic or luxurious as you would like, so the reserve really can cater for people on all kinds of budgets.

It is the annual wildebeest migration that has made this particular protected area so famous and it is indeed a spectacular sight that can be observed all year round. Herds of millions of wildebeest travel across the Serengeti each year, with the animals covering a staggering 1,000 km as they move to fresh grazing spots.

It's not only wildebeest who make this epic journey, as zebras and Thomson's gazelles also follow the same route in their thousands. Of course, there are many other majestic animals to be seen on the plains of the Serengeti, including lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, elephants and spotted hyenas.

Remember to look out for smaller creatures on a Serengeti safari too - the serval cat is a beautiful animal, while colourful agama lizards can often be spotted basking in the sun. Porcupines, mongooses, impalas, aardvarks, monkeys, warthogs and klipspringers are just a few of the other species that call the Serengeti their home.

Zanzibar: perfect for a beach break

The Zanzibar archipelago is situated in the Indian Ocean and, as you can probably imagine, boasts some truly stunning stretches of sand. After a safari in the Serengeti, time on the islands will be just what you need to unwind. There are some excellent all inclusive resorts in Zanzibar where you'll have all the creature comforts you could want to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

On the east coast of the main island you'll find beaches of pristine white sand that are lapped by the enticing turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. While you could easily spend all your time sunbathing, you don't have to as there are plenty of water sports on offer.

Among the most popular are snorkelling and scuba diving, which will allow you to get a glimpse of the amazing underwater world that thrives beneath the surface around the islands - it's particularly worth heading to one of its marine parks if you have the time. For a more relaxing day out at the seaside, join a cruise in a traditional dhow boat - this can introduce you to different parts of Zanzibar's beautiful coast.

The great thing about Zanzibar, though, is that there's more here than just beaches. The capital, Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth exploring if you're keen to add a splash of culture to your holiday in Tanzania.

Another great way to spend a day away from the beach is to go on a tour of one of the spice plantations. Vanilla, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and chillies are among the spices grown on the island, while fruits such as bananas, oranges, coconuts and limes are also cultivated here. This is why the local cuisine has such intense and rich flavours - a spice plantation tour will usually involve a freshly-prepared meal cooked with local ingredients, a delicious way to round off your day.

Book a twin-centre holiday to Tanzania

If you're struggling to decide between a beach break and a safari tour, booking a twin-centre holiday to Tanzania will tick all your boxes. You can see wildlife on some of Africa's most famous plains and still have plenty of time to enjoy the laidback vibe in one of its top beach resorts.

A break that includes time in the Serengeti and Zanzibar really can't be beaten in terms of the wonderful mix of experiences you'll have, the fantastic things you'll see and the chance to balance out all the excitement of discovering an exotic new country with some extra time at the end to cool off and relax on some of the world's top beaches.

Safari with a beach break in Tanzania

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