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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Oct-2018


Jo Foley in Cuba
Michele Appleton in Cuba Dave Adams in Cuba


The time has come for showing the world the winners of our 11th edition photo competition and the arduous decision-making process of picking our favourites, like in previous editions, has been really tough due to the talent of many of our aspiring holiday photographers. Regardless, choose we must and choose we did but we want to first congratulate all non-winning participants for what were some very creative, visually stunning shots prominently (and sometimes artistically) featuring or luggage tag.

This time around we want to highlight the fact that despite some of our winning photos not showing our luggage tag at its biggest or brightest, we wanted to give credit to great photographers who managed to capture the spirit of our holidays seamlessly, and most importantly, evocatively.

Our number one winner this time was Jo Foley whose picture above at the very is not only gorgeous but perfectly depicts the old world enchantment of Cuba´s colonial cities in more than one way. On one hand you can see the detail of the exquisite ironwork on the balcony of a period hotel (Casa Bahia Habana) and in the background a bright red classic American car steals the show despite it being slightly blurred.

Up next, on the left handside at the bottom we have the picture of our second place winner, Michele Appleton who beautifully captured her stay at Iberostar Tainos in Varadero with a shot of the carpet-like softness of the white sands of Cuba´s premier beach and the foamy crystalline waters that gently bathe it. Normally, we prefer to see our luggage tag and logo shown bigger on the pictures but this photograph caught our attention due to how tempting the thin veil of transparent water looked against the fine sands. It literally makes you want to dip your toes in!

Lastly, the third picture to the right belongs to our third prize winner, Dave Adams whose cute and brightly coloured lizard seemingly posing for the shot while climbing down a palm tree won our hearts. Yes, we know our tag looks blurry but we don´t mind this time, mostly because the little rainbow-like creature deserved to be shown in sharp definition.

Jo Foley
Michele Appleton Dave Adams


And here we have our proud winners, posing with their new prized possessions.

Up on top, we have this edition’s number one winner Jo Foley, holding the voucher that now entitles her to £500 off her next holiday with The Holiday Place. On the bottom’s left hand-side, is Michele Appleton showing her new Canon EOS Digital Camera. And on the bottom to the far right, cheerful Dave Adams can be seen smiling while holding his £150 John Lewis gift card.

After a huge round applause to this edition’s winners we want to also say a huge heartfelt Thank You for sending us their pictures and posing next to their prizes for the world to see. To all the non-winners this time, we want to extend our gratitude for participating and encourage you to not give up and keep trying next time. If you want to be among the next to be featured here joyfully showing off your well-earned prizes don’t forget to keep sending us your holiday pictures with our luggage tag. Just keep’ em coming!

Participation is the most important thing

Almost all the pictures we received this time around were fantastic, as usual (you do spoil us with some great snaps) but our top favourites featured our logo nice and big. The better the resolution the more we like them and the bigger we can see our tag the more excited we get.

But credit is given where credit is due, and as you will be able to see by scrolling through the gallery above, there were some very strong contenders in this 11th edition of our competition. We particularly loved one prominently placing our luggage tag against the lush backdrop of the Vinales Valley, taking centre stage in a wheelbarrow full of coconuts, in a champagne glass with a glistening blue pool in the background, on a stunning stretch of beach beautifully perched on rocks and perfectly placed on a straw hat that seemingly floats on a pool. There’s many more than mentioned here and most are a real beauty. So, thanks very much once again for all your efforts!

Just remember, if you want to be in with a chance of winning next time, make sure to use the focus feature in your smartphone to take clear sharp shots, to keep your hand steady, frame the shot nicely and, most importantly, show off our tag as best as you can. We love receiving photos of your holiday with us so keep’ em coming!

Jana Crowne

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