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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Nov-2017


Bradley Vines in the Seychelles
Tara Jayne Butterfill in Varadero, Cuba Juan Pinto del Rio in Antigua


It's that time of year again… and no, we're not talking about Christmas and New Year's! Beyond being right in the midst of the festive season, we're also celebrating the tenth edition of our photo competition and as such we've got extra reasons to celebrate. Namely, three and they've got names, just keep reading to find out who's.

We always praise the beauty of our winning photos and on this occasion, there is one theme that crowned itself favourite among voters - it's all about the beach, beach, beach! As our three winning photographs all depict the quintessential tropical beachscape, it seems that this year's early onset of sub-zero winter temperatures has everyone dreaming about soft white sands and warm crystalline waters - and most of our holidays have plenty of that.

Let's start with our number one winner, Bradley Vines, who took an excellent shot of a stunning, completely deserted beach stretch in the Seychelles. He not only managed to capture the mesmerising seascape with the ocean's many different shades of blue, but also perfectly positioned our luggage tag to appear as though casually resting on a lush green tropical plant for added visual contrast.

Next up, it's a Cuban beach that stole the show, thanks to Tara Jayne Butterfill's great shot, which included the careful placement of a pineapple, gently bathed by the soft, foamy waves of the Caribbean Sea and flanked by the bright colours of our luggage tag. It evokes the ultimate Caribbean beachside bliss and as such has earned a very well-deserved second spot in our competition.

And, in third place we have the beckoning of an isolated beach cove in Antigua, courtesy of Juan Pinto del Rio, who put our logo right next to the natural curvature of sparkling white sands, at the point in which they meet the iridescent hues of the turquoise waters… with lush vegetation in the distance, adding another splash of colour in the horizon. It surely also captures the epitome of Caribbean perfection, captured from a different standpoint.

Bradley Vines
Tara Jayne Butterfill Juan Pinto del Rio


Here we have the happy faces of our winners, proudly showing their prizes.

First up, we have number one winner Bradley Vines, holding his "You are a winner" card for all to see, which entitles him to £500 off his next holiday with The Holiday Place. Down on the left, we are waiting for a photo of Tara Jayne Butterfill and her new Canon EOS Digital Camera. Finally, down to the right, Juan Pinto del Rio sent us a photo of his lucky lady posing with their well-deserved £150 John Lewis gift card.

Now, a further round of applause is in order to congratulate our happy trio of winners with a big Thank You for sending us their prize-showing photographs so that we can share them with you. If you want to be among the next lucky winners to be photographed alongside one of our prizes then start participating now and fingers-crossed you’ll earn yourself a prize in our next edition of Show Our Colours. Get your camera ready and start snapping away during your next holiday with us. Don’t forget to take our luggage tag with you as it needs to masterfully complete the picture in whichever way you want. Get creative and see you in our next edition!

Participation is the most important thing

There might only be three winners in this edition of our photo competition but that doesn't mean that all our participants don't deserve equal praise and attention. In fact, we're so proud of your efforts that we're displaying all participating photos in the gallery above, because we want to shout out your talent to the world and make everyone aware of the fact that all of you have made us feel special by including our tag in your precious holiday snaps.

If your photo is featured in this gallery it means you haven't won a prize this time, but also that you should not be discouraged from participating over the next six months - who's to say yours won't be crowned as one of the lucky winners at the end of next semester? The key to that is participating, so next time you go away with us, don't forget to take one memorable snap with our luggage tag. Whatever happens we'll recognise your effort here, where we proudly display all the photos of our non-winning winners (yes, you're all winners in our eyes!).

Happy holidays and a joyous New Year from everyone at The Holiday Place!

Jana Crowne

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