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My upcoming travel adventures

My upcoming travel adventures

It's been a rather incredible year so far, with trips to places including Morocco, Majorca and Austria. But being the adventurer I am, that's not enough to satisfy my travel urges. I like to mix things up. To go from chilly mountainous areas to hot humid cities, and from European hotspots to Caribbean delights. So naturally I've got an eclectic mixture of trips in mind.

I've got some awesome trips planned for the next six months, and I thought it might be handy to give you guys an insight into where I'm going, and why. And who knows, you might get some inspiration for potential 2018 trips. Here are some trips I have planned...

Trips I've got booked - holiday inspiration

A quirky city, a snow capped minimoon on a lake and an epic safari.

  1. Amsterdam boat trip

    Amsterdam boat trip

    OK so my next trip is actually just a few days away. It seems like forever since I last traveled - despite it only being around four months. I'm so ready for my next exploration. It's my fiance's 30th, so I've tried to book somewhere where he'd like to go. I think when you're planning a big trip for a special birthday or occasion, it kinds of needs to be somewhere on your list you need to tick off.

    This trip is a total surprise, he's not going to know where he's going until we get to the airport (so I hope he doesn't read this before we set off!). On Thursday, we're off to Amsterdam. Yup, it's a rather popular choice, and I don't always go for the most obvious destinations. But this is somewhere I feel I have to visit.

    View of Amsterdam's canals

    Plus, I don't plan on spending the entire time in Amsterdam city, instead, we're exploring the surrounding towns by boat. Yup, we're staying on a boat! It's not going to be super luxurious, because it's a very small boat, but to me that doesn't matter. We will get to see a side to the Netherlands that few get to experience. And we've got our own personal tour guide (a friendly local) on board with us.

    We're docking the boat in an adorable town called Haarlem, which I'm told is well worth a visit. It's actually a great place to stay because it's not as touristy as Amsterdam and prices are a little cheaper. You can easily catch a train to Amsterdam from Haarlem which takes around ten minutes. We will stay here for a night, then visit some other towns based on our guide's recommendations.

    Anne Frank Museum

    I wanted to visit the Anne Frank Museum, but when I went to book it was totally sold out! I'm so disappointed - so if you want to do the same make sure you book very early via their website.

  2. Winter minimoon in Lucerne, Switzerland

    Lucerne, Switzerland

    We're getting married early December. Whilst we'd love to go somewhere exotic straight after, we need a bit more time to save. I think when it comes to your honeymoon it's far better to wait for the right time and go somewhere you actually really want to go. So we're going to save to go somewhere absolutely incredible (details below).

    Montains and lake in Lucerne, Switzerland

    But, of course, I need to go somewhere to get some much needed down time after the wedding. So we're going on what's known as a "minimoon". These are all the rage these days. It's where you go on a mini trip to have a little celebration straight after your wedding, of course knowing you will have your proper honeymoon later.

    We've decided to go on a five day luxurious trip to Lucerrne, Switzerland. Go on, have a little Google, it looks stunning. It's nestled on a river and encased by sweeping mountain ranges. And as we're having a winter wedding, with a winter wonderland theme, we really wanted to go somewhere snowy straight after.

    Famous bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland

    Lucerne is ideal because it combines a city break, with active adventures. You can wander around the city one day, and go out hiking in the mountains the next. There's a train that goes right up to the top of the mountains which I'm dying to go on. I've got an inkling this trip is going to be amazing and surprisingly romantic.

  3. Safari honeymoon and beach paradise

    Elphant and Kilimanjaron in Tanzania

    All the above trips are already booked, but this is one that's going to require a lot more planning and prep. Not only do we need the time to save, but I want to plan this to perfection. I'm a travel writer after, all, so naturally, my honeymoon needs to be off the charts.

    Our main goal is to go on some sort of safari. I've heard through the grapevine that South Africa and Tanzania are fab safari destinations. I'm picturing staying in one of those cabins with a hot tub outside, overlooking miles of wilderness with wildlife lining the horizon. And days filled with incredible moments spotting some of the world's most impressive animals.

    On safari in the African savannah

    You know in the wildlife documentaries when you see all different sorts of animals gathering a watering hole in the plains of Africa? That's my dream. Yes, your honeymoon should be able lazing around in pure luxury, but I also think it's important you share some unique and unforgettable moments together.

    Whether that's catching a sunrise with the most gorgeous view, coming face to face with a giraffe or zip lining through a jungle. I want moments. Moments that I can write about and feel a sense of excitement and pure joy as I'm recalling them.

    Stone town in Zanzibar, Tanzania

    So after going on a safari, we'd like to go somewhere where we can totally switch off from the world. I'd like to finish up our honeymoon swaying in hammocks on the beach with a cocktail in hand, gazing out to a beautiful blue ocean.

    Aerial view of the beach in the Seychelles

    Where we end up going will depend on the safari location, because the last thing you want to do is have to travel from one side of the world to the other. But some dream beach destinations that spring to mind include Bali, the Seychelles, Hawaii and Mauritius - or alternatively, somewhere in the Caribbean.

That's all for now folks...

I hope you've found my travel plans interesting and possibly inspiring. Where will you go next? Even if you can't go on any trips just yet, it helps to get some inspiration and map out where you might want to go. Who knows where we will end up on our safari honeymoon, but rest assured I will be writing all about our experiences and including some handy recommendations.

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