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A Photoblog of Show our colours, Jul-2016


Charlie Oldfield
Izzy Ray Lesley Elliott


Another half-year goes by and we're back to revealing the names of the three winners of our Facebook Photo Competition. A huge congratulation is in order to the top three who made it and a warm thank you to all those who tried. We proceed to showcase the winning pictures and reveal the names behind them below.

Appearing in order of the place they won, we have the three photographs whose owners will soon been receiving our prizes.

Up at the top we have Charlie Oldfield's photograph, which won the number one spot and shows a happy young man showing off our tag against the backdrop of Cuba's Varadero Beach, with a hobie cat sailing vessel in the background as well as two pedal boats further in the horizon - no doubt a testament to the water sports that can be enjoyed in this blessed part of Cuba.

Also featuring Varadero Beach, but this time with a shot that shows nothing but the pristine beauty of the soft white sands and the different shades of turquoise-blue that lap up the shore, is Izzy Ray's photograph, who deservedly earned this edition's second place.

In third place we have Lesley Elliott's photograph, a rather fun and imaginative snap that shows the hands of a rock climber reaching the top of the mountain while holding on to our luggage tag. The photograph was taken in South Africa's Kruger Park at Blyde Canyon.

Daniel Pontes
Dave Lumby Pamela Hatton


And here you have the deserving winners showing off their prizes:
In first place, Charlie Oldfield getting ready to spend his £500 voucher and put it to good use towards his next holiday adventure with The Holiday Place, Izzy Ray in second place, holding her Canon Camera EOS Digital camera with which she will, no doubt, snap up many more wonderful photographs, and in third place, Lesley Elliott getting ready to go on a shopping spree and spend her well-earned £150 John Lewis gift card.

To all of them, we would like to extend a warm thank you for kindly sharing and sending in their prize-holding snaps.

Participation is the most important thing

Even when their photographs didn't make it to our winning list this time, we cannot overlook the effort of all of our participating, holidaymaking photographers. Indeed, if you scan through our gallery above you'll appreciate they're all strong contenders deserving of praise.

Flick through a few of these and the talent, creativity (as well as the good fun they were enjoying on each holiday location) is evident, so we want to shout out a big "Thank You" to all our participants. You're the reason we do what we do and strive to make it better. Please keep them coming, we always love to see proof of the quality holidays we provide (and of your enjoyment of them, of course!).

Jana Crowne

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