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Zip wires, jungle treks, caving and a glistening blue hole

Our day at Scape Park

It's unusual for me to feel the urge to dedicate an entire post to one excursion, but in this instance, I feel Scape Park deserves to be put under the microscope. I recently returned from an unbelievable trip to the Dominican Republic (read all about my adventures in Dom Rep here, and check out my blog here), and one day really stood out. The day we went to Scape Park.

Scape Park is a 1 million square metre natural theme park in Cap Cana, which isn't too far from Punta Cana. The landscape and scenery is very varied, with lots of hidden gems to uncover including dark caves, caverns and cenotes (natural lagoons).

I interviewed my friend Hannah who came with me on my trip, and this is what she said about Scape Park.

"It was so well organised and we had so much fun. You see a bit of culture, learn about the plants, environment and wildlife. Then you get to go off and do something exciting such as zip lining and caving, and then chill out on the sunshine cruise. It couldn't have been more perfect."

What makes Scape Park particularly brilliant is you can tailor the day to your interests, and choose from a range of awesome activities including horseback riding, caving, swimming in a natural lagoon, mountain biking, zip lining and riding on buggies.

Here's what we did on our trip to Scape Park.

"Hoyo Azul" (the blue hole)

'Hoyo Azul' (the blue hole)

We were lucky enough to have a private tour of the Hoyo Azul. Our guide led us through the jungle and taught us about some of the plants and wildlife. We then went down a path, under some rocks and emerged in what looked like an open cave.

What we saw next was breathtaking. At the bottom of the cave is a natural lagoon with the most striking turquoise blue water. The water is such a vibrant blue colour it almost doesn't look real. The image of the blue hole will be etched in my mind forever.

There was a little turtle swimming around in the hole that I tried to film, but he was very evasive! After a walking through the humid jungle, diving into the cool natural waters was so unbelievably refreshing.

It didn't look that deep, but its waters have a depth of 37 meters in its deepest point. There's definitely something very magical about swimming in a natural pool like that in the middle of the jungle.

Zip lining through the jungle

Zip lining through the jungle

My first zip line experience, that's another thing ticked off the bucket list. This wasn't just any zip wire, it consisted of nine zip lines, and one really long, steep one at the end. You do a bit of walking and climbing in between each zip wire, and once at the top, you can take a few snaps of the spectacular views of the natural eco park.

I was a little nervous when I sped to the end of each zip wire, but the lovely guides always caught me and made me feel safe. Zip lining through the lush, green jungle is certainly an experience I will never forget.

Descending dark caves

Descending dark caves

The caves provided a little respite from heat outside, and uncovering them was fascinating. To get to them, you go on a hike up El Farallon Cliff. We were also treated to a cultural display, which was a bit eerie, but really created an electric atmosphere.

Whilst in Scape Park it's crucial that you stick to the designated paths, not just because of the poison ivy lurking around, but for another important reason. Whilst in the caves, from below we saw the huge concealed hole in the ground (you can see it in the pictures) , that you could easily fall into and injure yourself. The rock formations inside the cave are breathtaking.

Sunshine cruise

Sunshine cruise in Dom Rep

It may not sound like we did loads, but by the time it got to the sunshine cruise, we were ready to chill out, and that's just what the cruise provided. This was our first full day in the Dominican Republic, and I think it was only once on the top deck of the boat, gazing out to 360 degree views of the Caribbean Sea that it really sunk in where we were.

The Marina we went to was absolutely stunning. One of my favourite memories of the entire holiday was drinking rum whilst listening to Bob Marley and having a boogie on the top deck of the boat. Drinking from a floating bar and doing shots in the sea was also pretty cool.

So as you can see, we had a pretty epic day. I think the two best things about Scape Park are the variety it offers, and the staff. All the staff and guides were super helpful and friendly, which made our day even more enjoyable. My advice if you are going to Punta Cana, don't miss out on the chance to go to Scape Park! You won't regret it.

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