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Think you know the real Dominican Republic?

Here's seven really cool things I did in this magical country

You might be pleasantly surprised by just how many once in a lifetime opportunity a holiday in the Dominican Republic can offer. I swam with sharks, went on a zip line through the jungle, dived into a deep blue hole and sailed to an idyllic island on a catamaran. Click here to read about my Dominican adventure in more detail.

Seven really cool things i did in this magical country

That's just a taster of what you can do, if you are prepared to do more than chill out on the beautiful beaches (which to be fair, is very tempting!). If you think the Dominican Republic is purely a luxury holiday destination then you are wrong, here's all the cool stuff I did on my recent trip that you could be doing too.

  1. Held a starfish

    Held a starfish

    When we were on our way to Saona island, the catamaran stopped briefly in an area of shallow water. We then hopped off the boat and the guide went and found some starfish for us to hold under the water. The one I had was a bright orange colour. I thought they would feel soft but they are actually pretty hard and spiky!

  2. Went on a zip wire through the jungle

    Went on a zip wire through the jungle

    This one's not for the faint hearted. Fancy zip wiring down a grand total of nine zip wires through a Caribbean jungle? Head to Scape Park, which has a variety of awesome activities to try. I was fine for the first seven zip lines, but the last one is really steep and long, and I could feel my heart beating pretty heavy in my chest! Thankfully I pulled myself together and zoomed down into the jungle, an unforgettable experience.

  3. Took a cable car up a mountain

    Took a cable car up a mountain

    For some of the most spectacular views in the whole country, book a Puerto Plata city tour where you can go up a mountain in a cable car. We got to appreciate the insane views of the entire city, the mountains and the tropical coastline. It's completely different seeing the Palm trees, plants and landscape from above, it offers a totally new perspective.

  4. Swam with sharks

    Swam with sharks

    This is something I never thought I would do. However, I was surprised by how calming the experience was. We swam with Reef Sharks on the Reef Explorer trip. They seemed to be pretty harmless, and just hovered around in groups on the seabed. That's definitely something to tick off my bucket list.

  5. Explored underground caves

    Explored underground caves

    Another activity you can do at Scape Park is make your way into underground caves. They explain a lot about the cave formation and you get to witness a cultural performance inside the cave, which was pretty special. I was in awe of the rock formations which have taken gazillions of years to form.

  6. Came face to face with a stingray

    Came face to face with a stingray

    We had the opportunity to not only swim amongst sting rays, but also hold and touch one. You can get a picture with a stingray so that you have a memento of your encounter. It's a strange experience holding such an unusual and odd looking creature in its natural environment.

  7. Swim in a natural sinkhole

    Swim in a natural sinkhole

    At Scape Park we had the opportunity to swim in a natural sinkhole. It's a cave-based cenote which is a natural sinkhole which is made from the collapse of limestone, exposing bright blue waters underneath. There was a little turtle swimming around the 37 meter deep hole. The water is a piercing blue colour and it really pops in photos, perfect for those Instagram worthy shots.

Follow my advice and discover Dom Rep

So there you go, I would say that's proof that the Dominican Republic is a fierce active holiday competitor. If these epic experiences appeal to you, why not book your next holiday to Punta Cana, Puerto Plata or La Romana in the Dominican Republic and start planning your adventures?

Kiri Nowak

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