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The Holiday Place celebrates Year of Mexico in the UK

Two representatives from The Holiday Place yesterday attended the closing toast of an open air exhibition fair that Mexico held on London Bridge's Potters Field Park from 25th February to 11th March. Yesterday marked the very last day of this interactive tourism fair, which looked to introduce Londoners to the real spirit of Mexico through a series of eye-catching pop-up domes, sculptures and pavilion showcasing authentic Mexican flair.

The Holiday Place celebrates Year of Mexico in the UK

Yesterday the vibrant, interactive and quirky open-air tourism fair showcasing the best and most colourful aspects of Mexican culture in London’s riverside officially closed to the public.

It marked the last day of a two-week Mexican exhibition in London Bridge’s Potters Field Park, which celebrated everything Mexico stands for as an attractive tourism destination culturally, historically, ideologically and geographically – from its wealth of unique natural marvels to the allure of its ancient Mayan civilisation and ruins, the vibrant nature of their festivities and their peculiar outtake on ceremonious (and colourful) celebrations like the Day of the Dead.

Product Manager, Parul Jadav, and myself, blogger and news editor, Susana Corona, were present yesterday to toast to the exhibition’s success with various members of Mexico’s tourism industry.

Attended by around 40,000 visitors during its fourteen-day duration, the exhibition was a resounding triumph for Mexico’s Tourism Board, which is holding a series of other upcoming events throughout the UK to mark what has been declared as the Year of Mexico in the UK 2015.

With a big, eye-catching sign structure spelling MEXICO in bold, bright and colourful capital letters that lit up at night as the main centre piece of the exhibition, catching passers-by attention; the outdoor layout was a tempting invitation to lure visitors inside the large interactive dome and learn more about this fascinating destination and the many attractions it offered to every kind of traveller.

Inside the interactive dome-pavilion, a Volchol took centre stage – an ornate Volkswagen Beetle decorated in original Mexican style with over two million beads. Another eye-catching showstopper was the large bride skeleton sculpture outside, standing tall in traditional Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ style.

With free entry to visitors of all ages, the dome-pavilion also showcased traditional Mexican clothing on mannequins while video presentations played continuously with three headphones available for those who wanted to be taken through them.

Under every Mexico sign was this year’s evocative slogan “Live it to believe it” - a fitting catchphrase to capture the many wonders Mexico has in store for curious travellers thirsty for new adventures and unique experiences.

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