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Morocco Retreats creates first ecological spa camp in the Sahara desert

Morocco Retreats will be offering eco-friendly holidays after creating the first eco luxury camp in the Sahara. The holiday company has been working with their Retreat Team and ecological advisors to create the camp that will allow guests to enjoy the coast, the mountains and the Sahara during the different seasons of the year.

Morocco Retreats creates first ecological spa camp in the Sahara desert

The first eco luxury camp in the Sahara has been created by Morocco Retreats with the help of ecological advisors.

The travel company will be launching the first eco-friendly Morocco holidays in March, 2014 both on the Moroccan coast and in the Sahara, and Morocco Retreats has carefully chosen the dates for the retreats with the climate in mind because the mountains, Sahara and coast each have very different temperatures and seasons.

To create the eco camp, a number of factors were taken into consideration including the environment, the local community and the local artisans who recycle. The Sahara eco camps provide a unique alternative to other hotels and guests will have the chance to get close to nature and escape the everyday stress of life within a beautiful tranquil environment.

The luxury eco camp will feature Spa tents, a special catering tent, a tent for yoga sessions, ensuring that while guests enjoy luxury holidays in Morocco, not a trace of their presence will be left behind in the Sahara. The camps will also employ the Berber nomads of the South and a programme of permaculture will be set up in Mhamid so the local community can use the fertiliser for their crops.

The first camp will launch in March this year with the ‘The Source' Retreat where tourists will start their holidays with a scenic drive through the spectacular Draa Valley, before enjoying spa treatments, relaxation, and gourmet food created by a nutritionalist and chef.

Morocco is a country in North Africa, situated south of Spain with a coastline spreading across both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. While enjoying Morocco, tourists can explore the medieval city of Fez; visit the movie-famous city of Casablanca that is home to Morocco's largest mosque, The King Hassan II; and wander around the traditional souks, fragrant spice markets, and historical ruins in the capital city of Marrakech.

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