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Northern Cyprus a becoming a top hotspot for hiking holidays

North Cyprus has become a hotspot for hikers and ramblers thanks to its breathtaking scenery and all-year-round sunshine. It's located out of the Eurozone and its tourism board assures that tourists' spending money will go further but the state's foothills of the Besparmak and Kyrenia Mountain Trail are one of the reasons why tourists are flocking to the region.

Northern Cyprus a becoming a top hotspot for hiking holidays

Cyprus is a leading all-year-round tourist destination but its neighbour, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is becoming a worthy contender as more tourists flock to the region for walking activities.

The fact that it is out of the Eurozone is a positive factor according to the state's tourism board, who say that visitors' spending money will go further. This, together with 340 days of sunshine a year and some spectacular natural scenery, is why North Cyprus has become a hotspot for hiker and ramblers.

With summers that stretch from April to November, Northern Cyprus is perfect for beach holidays but the region is also a favourite for trekking and hiking activities thanks to its stunning natural landmarks including the Besparmak (Five Finger) Mountains and the 143-mile Kyrenia Mountain Trail, which runs along the foothills.

Tourists don't have to wait until the summer to enjoy hiking activities; the region's spring season starts in late February so walkers won't have to worry about the soaring temperatures. During this period, the wild orchids are in full bloom and hikers will be able to see any array of wildlife, including more than 280 different species of birds.

The village of Bellapais is great place for walkers to use as a base and it is also the starting point for a number of marked routes that vary in length and difficulty, making it suitable for walkers of abilities.

One of the main trails that attracts hiking enthusiasts from all over the world is the 143-mile Kyrenia Mountain Trail. The trail runs along the top of the rocky spine along the coast and along the way, walkers will pass beautiful historical landmarks including 10th-century Kantara Castle.

Once hikers have explored the jagged coastline, they can head to the region's collection of white sandy beaches where they can soak up the sunshine, or visit the state's stunning mosques and ancient ruins.

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