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Museum of Jordan opens to the public in Amman

A new museum has opened its doors in Jordan which is home to more than 2,000 historic artefacts. The Museum of Jordan is located in the country's capital Amman and visitors can learn about Bedouin lifestyles, translate their names into Arabic, try on traditional clothing, and explore interactive exhibitions that bring the Citadel and Roman Amphitheatre to life.

Museum of Jordan opens to the public in Amman

A brand new museum with more than 2,000 ancient artefacts has opened to the public in the city of Amman in Jordan.

The Museum of Jordan features nine permanent exhibitions with themes including the environment, food, architecture and religion, plus interactive exhibits that will bring the Citadel and Roman amphitheatre to life. One exhibition focuses on sacred, ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, with scriptures that are now part of the Hebrew Bible.

Visitors to the new holiday attraction in Jordan's capital city will have the opportunity to try on traditional Jordanian clothing, translate their names in Arabic, and learn about the lifestyle of Bedouin communities in the desert.

"The Museum of Jordan in downtown Amman features many artefacts from the broad sweep of history in the region and interactive exhibits bring to life the famous sites of the city including the Citadel and Roman Amphitheatre. The new museum is a further reason to spend time in the cosmopolitan city of Amman and fully embrace the mix of ancient and modern that makes a visit to Jordan so compelling.

"The Kingdom of Jordan has witnessed the ebb and flow of empires for millennia. Preserving the artefacts and evidence of this rich archaeology is vital in order to safeguard the experience for future generations, and we are pleased that visitors to Jordan can visit world class museums hand-in-hand with the awe inspiring sites of Petra, Jerash and many others."

Explained Stephen Hurp, the UK Director of the Jordan Tourist Board.

The new museum can be found in the downtown area of Amman, Ras al-'Ayn, and it is open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from 10am-2pm.

The opening of the new museum in Jordan coincides with the recent opening of the 'Museum at the Lowest Point on Earth'. This unique museum was found 1,329 feet below sea level at the southern edge of the Dead Sea. Exhibition artefacts include 4,500-year-old pottery, ancient tombstones and Bronze Age ceramics, and visitors can learn about the region's inhabitants over the past millennia.

With affordable EasyJet flights to Amman, travellers will have plenty of opportunities to visit beautiful Jordan. Holidaymakers can explore the ancient city of Petra which was built by Nabataeans more than 2,000 years ago, shop in modern malls and traditional souks in the capital, discover the caves and canyons of Wadi Rum, and visit the Roman ruins of the Temple of Herakles.

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