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David Coulthard goes to Cuba to participate in Havana's Annual Classic Car Rally

Stunning vintage cars paraded down Havana's vibrant city streets as part of the 9th Annual Havana Rally, where David Coulthard was among the participants, arriving in a 1955 Pontiac convertible. The former F-1 driver was a prominent driver in the classic car exhibition that took place just last week.

David Coulthard goes to Cuba to participate in Havana's Annual Classic Car Rally

During the recently held 9th Annual Havana Rally, where hundreds of beautifully preserved old classic cars took to the streets to exhibit their vintage beauty, David Coulthard, the famed former Formula-1 driver, was the guest of honour, arriving to the event in a 1955 convertible Pontiac.

Even before his arrival to Havana, David Coulthard attracted the attention of all car and racing lovers in the island. On the day of the even hundreds of fans lined the streets to see him drive the 70-kilometre race that passed through 10 of the capital city's districts.

Just before the race, David Coulthard revealed his excitement at participating in this year's edition:

"I'm looking forward to taking part. I think it's very exciting to see what the local Cuban motor enthusiasts are able to put on. There are a lot of fantastic-looking cars."

When asked about his choice of car, he replied:

"I tried a few cars and I finally decided on the Pontiac for it being a convertible, and also the state of its motor and systems was amazingly well-preserved."

After driving through Havana's quaint streets, he said:

"The experience has been very relaxing for the hospitality and friendliness of everyone, as well as the passion of the drivers and owners of their cars. It's all really amazing."

Organised by the Cuban Antique Car Club, the race consists of a long drive down some of the city's most picturesque tree-lined streets, where owners of cars that are sometimes more than half a century old, proudly drive in their immaculately kept old treasures.

The Cuban Antique Car Club has a total of 102 members and the most common brands are Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, as well as a few European cars The oldest car to have participated in the race was a 1930 Ford Model A.

Cuba is famed for having the highest number of antique cars still roaming the streets and this unique attraction is partly responsible for bringing thousands of tourists who want to experience the old classic cars and the general vintage feel of Havana's streets during cultural Cuba holidays. Havana's Classic Car Rally is the only one of its kind in the world, a truly unique event where drivers and on-lookers alike can feel time-warped in a bygone era.

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