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Sloppy Joe's, a legendary bar from the 1930s reopens in Havana

To the delight of cocktail lovers the world over one of the most legendary bars in historical Old Havana has just been reopened after being restored to its former glory. Sloppy Joe's in Havana is ready to welcome back tourists enjoying Cuba holidays in the capital city.

Sloppy Joe's, a legendary bar from the 1930s reopens in Havana

Once the favourite hangout spot of American travellers taking Cuba holidays during the U.S Prohibition of Alcohol, otherwise known as the Dry Law (which ruled from 1920 to 1933) the once glorious and popular Sloppy Joe’s bar in Old Havana is reopening once again to welcome residents and holidaymakers and serve them their famously delicious range of cocktails and liqueurs.

Just last month the official inauguration of the legendary bar was celebrated, after completing extensive renovation works throughout the property which had suffered substantial damage over the years, including a fire in the 60s which closed the establishment for good and ever since no repairment or maintenance work had been carried out. Until today that is, when it reopens after being restored to its former glory.

During its time of grandeur it was the number one bar in Havana (and all of Cuba) for American tourists with up to 90% of its clientele consisting of Americans enjoying holidays in Cuba's trendy capital city and thus escaping the law that prohibited of alcohol back at their homeland. Sloppy Joes welcomed U.S. holidaymakers for over four decades offering a very extensive selection of over 80 cocktails in addition to the bar’s very own aged rum.

Even after the prohibition of alcohol law was dropped in the U.S. Sloppy Joe’s in Havana continued enjoying success during the 40s and 50s as it was a magnet for all kinds of American celebrities and tourists looking to mingle with them. In fact it was once described by the Los Angeles Times as having “almost the status of a shrine” and being “one of the most famous bars in the world”.

In its heyday Sloppy Joe’s even appeared in the film “Our Man in Havana” starring Alec Guiness.

And now it reopens again in the very same building that saw loyal customers flood in by the bucket-load. And finally, now, after its re-flourishing in the heart of Havana, many more holidaymakers from all over the world will be able to enjoy it (although not precisely American ones).

Many elements of the original layout of the bar have been rescued from oblivion and the damages the fire caused, including the long mahogany bar and the same structure of tables and benches of the time. Customers will now find that the bar’s interiors have kept the atmosphere and décor of the 1920s and 1930s.

The menu that made the bar famous has also been rescued, including the old Sloppy Joe Sandwich (consisting of a burger, two layers of tomato, mince meat and lettuce) as well as the traditional “ropa vieja with tomato sauce” and a varied cocktail selection.

Perfectly located on a centric corner of Old Havana, just behind the Plaza Hotel, the Sloppy Joe’s is the newest (yet one of the oldest) bars to reopen in Havana, which is great news for bar and cocktail lovers all over the world.

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