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Seychelles government promotes eco-friendly Seychelles holidays

  • 02-Sep-12 15:49
  • Seychelles
  • Caribbean News Digital

The Seychelles Minister of Tourism has recently highlighted the work that the Seychelles President Mr James Michel along with various other government ministries have put into developing and promoting eco-friendly Seychelles holidays. Recent efforts include incentives for the inhabitants of the island of La Digue to purchase eco friendly vehicles in order to reduce the number of petrol fuelled operating on the island.

Seychelles government promotes eco-friendly Seychelles holidays

With a growing importance placed on green issues in all corners of the globe, the Seychelles government and tourism officials are keen to highlight that theirs is a destination committed to meeting the demand for green holidays in the Seychelles and reducing the impact of the tourism industry on the local environment. Seychelles’ Tourism Minister Alain St. Ange recently highlighted the work and the commitment of the Seychelles government to developing and promoting eco-friendly Seychelles holidays.

The Seychelles government wants the islands to not only retain the spectacular natural beauty it has, but wants to also regain grounds of areas we allowed development to gain an upper hand”, noted the Seychelles Tourism Minister. Mr St Ange’s comments were made to the Brazilian press as a Seychelles delegation sought to promote Seychelles holidays to the Brazilian market.

 Seychelles La Digue Island
Image by: Béné & 2ni, on Flickr

Mr St Ange also pointed out that the President of the popular holidays destination- Mr James Michel has done a great deal to prioritise ecotourism in the Seychelles as he was personally involved in ensuring that more than 50 per cent of the Seychelles was declared as protected reserves- a major accomplishment for such a small island nation. St. Ange also noted that the government is currently focused on the transport industry on beautiful island of La Digue. With a growing number of petrol vehicles on the island of La Digue, if left unchecked this growth poses a risk to the appeal of this idyllic island paradise for those travellers interested in booking eco-friendly holidays in the Seychelles.

In order to tackle this issue the Seychelles Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport are working towards providing incentives for inhabitants to opt for eco friendly vehicles by removing the duties on such imports. “The Minister responsible for Transport, Minister Joel Morgan is working on the details and time tables for this move, and it is believed that this move is set to make La Digue island even more eco-friendly than it is today” stated St. Ange .

 Seychelles La Digue Beach
Image by: collet.sylvain, on Flickr

Additionally, President Michel recently appointed environmentalist Prf. Rolph Payet- a climate change expert and a Nobel Peace Prize winner- as head of the Environment Ministry a move that will ensure policy development that will enable the budding eco-friendly Seychelles holidays industry to thrive.

The collaborative effort between the government ministries in the Seychelles is certainly a step in the right direction as the island nation seeks to distinguish itself as a leader in developing eco-tourism.

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