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Travellers Choosing Western Destinations like Cuba for Long-haul Holidays

  • 03-Apr-12 17:41
  • Cuba
  • Press Association

Recent booking trends have revealed that western destinations such as the United States, Mexico, and the West Indies are the most popular for travellers. Bookings for St Lucia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba holidays have soared this year.

Travellers Choosing Western Destinations like Cuba for Long-haul Holidays

The holiday company Hayes & Jarvis has revealed that the most popular destinations for holiday spots are those that are located west of the UK.

The latest booking trends have revealed that bookings for Mexico, Caribbean and Cuba holidays have soared this year.

The United States has also seen an increase in bookings with Las Vegas emerging as one of the hotspots for 2012.

There has been a rise in the number of bookings for St Lucia and Dominican Republic holidays also. The Dominican Republic has recorded an 800 per cent rise in bookings; Mexico, 143 per cent; Cuba 66 per cent; and St Lucia, 55 per cent.

Niel Alobaidi, the commercial director of Hayes & Jarvis, explained: "We have seen massive year-on-year growth in bookings heading west to the USA, Caribbean or Latin America, clearly highlighting the importance of value in driving customer demand.

 Relax in your Dominican Republic Holidays
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

"Much of this has come about because of the competitive pricing of luxury all-inclusive packages, which are perceived as a bargain."

Destinations in the east have not been so lucky and bookings for Kenya breaks are down by 58% and Egypt holidays are down 22% compared to 2011. Dubai is the only eastern destination that appears to be doing well and is featured in the list of top long-haul destinations in 2012.

The rise in holidays to Cuba can not only be seen in the UK; American travellers are heading to the communist island once again, following President Obama’s eased restrictions on the embargo last year.

 Malecon in Havana- Cuba
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

American travellers can now take holidays in Cuba for cultural, educational, religious, academic and professional purposes. The island features historic architecture, a vibrant music and dance scene, delicious authentic cuisine, and crystal-clear waters that are home to the second largest coral reef in the world.

Caribbean holidays are one of the most popular long-haul choices for UK travellers thanks to the all-year-round sunshine, collection of idyllic islands, white sand beaches, turquoise ocean waters, and an array of luxury beachfront hotels and resorts.

 Cuba Beaches
Image by: worldtraveller5, on Flickr

St Lucia boasts the majestic Pitons, lush green rolling hills, secluded coves, and one of the world’s only drive-through volcanoes, while the Dominican Republic has miles of pristine beaches, cascading waterfalls, majestic mountains, golf clubs and a wide selection of family-friendly hotels.

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