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More gay travellers enjoying Cuba holidays

  • 24-Aug-11 15:02
  • Cuba
  • Cuba Headlines

Slowly, a new revolution is occurring in Cuba. Gay acceptance is being encouraged throughout the island and Havana is becoming a hot spot for gay travellers. All gay tourists looking for fun will find Cuba holidays a highly gratifying experience.

More gay travellers enjoying Cuba holidays

A new side of Cuban tourism is slowly developing. Gradually, more and more homosexual travellers are being encouraged to visit the island for spectacular and unprecedented Cuba holidays experiences.

Gay acceptance is becoming a new, but slow-paced revolution in the Caribbean Island, happening most significantly, in the capital city of Havana. . This city could become the next great gay Caribbean travel destination in due course. Gay travellers looking to find parties, fun and openly gay venues during their Caribbean holidays will most certainly enjoy holidays in Cuba.

Cuban people are slowly becoming more considerate towards the gay community; even the daughter of Raul Castro (the current President of Cuba), Mariela Castro, has participated in gay parades, gay pride marches, created organisations and invented diverse programmes to promote and defend gay rights on the island.

Even the once tightly-restricted Cuban television is also opening up to the worldwide gay community and has shown anti-homophobic films like Brokeback Mountain, and soap operas where some of the main characters are homosexual. Cuban government is allowing their people to understand and sympathise with the social abuses some of these individuals face.

Even though gay life is still fairly underground, one of the most well-known and popular gay activity scenes takes place in the famed Vedado distric, at the heart of the capital city. From around 11:00 p.m. a great gathering of gay people occupy all the space in the intersection of La Rampa Street and the Malecon (famous ocean front walk of Havana). It’s easy to spot hundreds of homosexual guys strolling, chatting and even playing guitars here on weekends. Now, Cuba holidays are a terrific opportunity for gay tourists to socialise with locals and have fun without fear of discrimination.

Choosing one of the Cuba hotels near La Rampa in Vedado, will help gay travellers meet the right people that can invite them to private house parties that may pop up in different locations throughout the week. The wonders of Havana have expanded to meet the needs of every interested tourist, whatever their background or sexual orientation.

Party, glamour, fun, Cuban and international music are all guaranteed in the basement of the National Theatre in Havana. Each Friday and Saturday, gay visitors looking for a small splurge can join in for the cabaret/dance party. The sight of hundreds of young, stylish, Cuban dancers and performers will make taking holidays to Cuba very worthwhile, whether gay, straight or simply fun and party-loving.

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