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Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel launches new Saray Spa Brand

  • 07-Feb-11 14:58
  • Dubai
  • Holiday Industry

Dubai luxury hotel, the Dubai Marriott Harbour, has launched an exclusive new spa brand, Saray Spa, which will use Arabic ingredients and will cater towards a large proportion of male guests staying at hotels across Africa and the Middle East.

Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel launches new Saray Spa Brand

A Dubai luxury hotel has launched a new spa brand, Saray Spa, which will be introduced across Marriott hotels across the Middle East and Africa over the next four years.

The Dubai Marriott Harbour has launched the new spa brand which will feature Arabic ingredients within its range of treatments and will cater towards a large percentage of male guests on Dubai holidays at the hotel.

Vice President of Global Spa at Marriott, Sharilyn Abbajay, said: "We are very excited to introduce Saray to Marriott's growing spa portfolio.

"Our hotels worldwide now have an option of incorporating a spa that is culturally relevant and unique into their guests' visit. The heart of Saray features the traditional Hammam, which for centuries have been used in the region as gathering places to cleanse and nurture.

"In today's fast paced and interconnected society that constantly overloads us with information and activities, you sometimes need to unplug and take a minute to reconnect with yourself," explained Abbajay. "Saray brings back wonderful ancient remedies to help regain that calm."

"Over the past 10 years, the number of men using spas has moved from 5% to 30%, so 30% of your guests now are men. You want the environment to make everyone feel comfortable, and I will speak for Saray - it is a neutral environment which both genders would feel very comfortable in."

The new Saray Spas brand was officially launched at the Dubai luxury hotel on 1st February 2011 and is designed to appeal to local residents and tourists enjoying relaxation holidays.

The spas will feature Arabic-themed decor and design and the treatments will focus on Middle Easters rituals using locally-sourced products and ingredients. These include minerals and muds from the Dead Sea (the saltiest ocean in the world), combined with of honey, yogurt and pomegranate, sandalwood and mint. The treatments include traditional Hammam bathing rituals, Silk Road massages and an "Arabic coffee awakener".

Marriott will be launching the new spa brand at another Dubai hotel and properties in Libya and Qatar in the near future and if successful, the brand could be available at Marriott properties across the world.

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