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Leisure Canada welcomes new US-Cuba Travel vote and plans properties for Cuba Holidays

  • 26-Jul-10 18:44
  • Cuba
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Leisure Canada has welcomed the recent developments by the United States House of Representatives as the House Agriculture Committee vote in favour of US travel to Cuba, and are looking to continue with plans to build properties for Cuba holidays.

Leisure Canada welcomes new US-Cuba Travel vote and plans properties for Cuba Holidays

The House of Agriculture Committee voted in favour of U.S travel to Cuba last month, providing welcome news for Leisure Canada who is keen to start the development of a series of new Cuba hotels.

President and CEO of Leisure Canada Inc, Robin Conners, said:

"The passing of this bill would mean that any US citizen would have the right to travel to Cuba. Given the easing of sanctions against Cuba in the last year, we believe that there is a strong probability that this bill will pass in the near future. In the meantime, our plans to build the first of several luxury hotels in Cuba are progressing so we can take advantage of what we believe will be an extensive economic and tourism boom post embargo."

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker, will have to decide when the proposed bill, which will allow US travellers to freely travel to the country and enjoy Cuba holidays, will take to the House floor for the vote but this is anticipated to be in the near future.

Last December, a videoconference was held in Havana between Cuban tourism officials and U.S tour operators. The tourism officials were asked if they felt that Cuba was ready for the expected influx of US travellers taking trips and holidays in Cuba if the ban was lifted.

U.S Tour Operators and the National Tour Association handle 75 percent of package tour business to the Caribbean. President of U.S Tour Operators, Robert Whitely, said: "Americans really want to see Cuba. We predict that at least 850,000 Americans will go to Cuba in the first year."

A study from the U.S International Trade Commission supports these figures and says: "The number of additional U.S. tourists arriving in Cuba annually, following removal of the travel ban, is estimated to be between 500,000 and 1 million."

So far, there are over 130 U.S trade groups, humanitarian groups, religious organisation and human rights groups who have pledged their support for the lift of the travel ban.

The ban was enforced in 1962 and ended all business trading and travel between the U.S and Cuba. Last year, President Obama relaxed the ban and allowed US travellers with relatives in Cuba to travel to the region and enjoy Cuba holidays with their loved ones.
If the ban is completely lifted Cuba will receive a welcome boost in tourism numbers and economical benefits within the region.

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