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Celebrating African Roots during Cuba holidays with new Havana festival

  • 18-May-10 15:06
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

Starting Monday next week on the 25th May and lasting all the way through the 28th, for the delight of those enjoying Cuba holidays, Havana will be hosting their annual Wemilere Festival, a colourful street event celebrating the island's African roots.

Celebrating African Roots during Cuba holidays with new Havana festival

If looking to enjoy a colourful, all-singing, all-dancing folkloric Caribbean event then you should hurry and book Cuba holidays soon for next week as from 25th May through the 28th, Havana will be hosting the 21st edition of the Wemilere Festival on African Roots, a fun-filled street fair aimed at preserving the legacy of the island's African ancestors and maintaining those roots alive as part of Cuba’s national identity.

Dedicated this year to the presence of the Yoruba culture on the Caribbean island, the festive gathering will once again be held at the municipality of Guanabacoa, a place well known in Havana for keeping centenarian African folkloric traditions, as the heirs of the combination between African and Spanish cultures. A visit to this peculiar municipality will show travellers on Cuba holidays a non-tourist place off the beaten track where they will be able to see what real Cuba is like and will be able to participate in this lively event.

Jorge Luis Corona, the president of the event’s Organising Committee, told the press that the centre and focus of the Festival will be the people, and that researchers, artists and people who practice African religions from 7 nations –among them Nigeria, Senegal, Venezuela and Guyana- will also be present to celebrate.

During the Wemilere, which in Yoruba language means "fiesta dedicated to the Orishas", visitors enjoying their Cuba holidays will be able to witness all forms of Yoruba artistic expressions coverging to make for an explosion of music and colour.

Corona also highlighted that the Concha Ferrant Gallery will be welcoming fine arts on the topic of African culture, with the exhibition “Lo africano en la Postmodernidad”, with the participation of graduates from different art schools.

On the other hand, the Rita Montaner Culture Centre will also be the venue of the literary forum “Africa en nosotros”, in which the incorporation of that cultural element to Hispanic letters will be analysed and explored.

In addition to all of this, for the viewing delight of onlooking enjoying their holidays in Cuba there will be live performances from the Cucalambe Fol. Ensemble, the work of which is dedicated to the preservation of Yoruba culture on the island. Such performances will be among the event’s main attractions, the president of the Organising Committee declared.

Also hosting some of the activities of the event –which has been carried out annually ever since 1989- will be the Ruben Martinez Villena Amphitheatre and the Guanabacoa Municipal Museum.

The African component of the Cuban identity handed down to the Caribbean nation as a strong culture of resistance with a rich history of traditions. Its multicolored artistic and philosophic heritage, and its miscegenation, since the times Lucumi slaves brought to the island the culture of West Africa in the 16th century. Those enjoying their holidays in Cuba will have a unique opportunity to experience this colourful events during a series of multi-racial festivities unlike any other.

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