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Mango-tastic St Lucia holidays at Jade Mountain with Mango Madness Festival

Brining a juicy new excuse to go on St Lucia holidays, Jade Mountain's new Mango Madness festival running from 11-13 June, 2010 will include a range of fun and tasty activities as they celebrate the country's mango season.

Mango-tastic St Lucia holidays at Jade Mountain with Mango Madness Festival

If in need of an inventive and fun excuse to escape to St Lucia holidays we come to the rescue as we introduce you with a mad festival season that is set to start next June at one of the most highly acclaimed of St Lucia hotels.

This new fruity festival called ‘Mango Madness’ or ‘1001 Things You Could Do To A Mango Before You Die’ is an innovative new way to celebrate the juicy mango season which begins in June. Consulting Chef Allen Susser and his team, the exceptional Jade Mountain hotel will be celebrating the many varieties of mangoes that can be found on the island and which can be enjoyed during fruit-filled St Lucia holidays. Allen Susser who is the author of a Mango cookbook dedicated to this particularly sweet fruit and who as a consequence is the definite authority on mangoes, will be hosting event personally.

Running from the 11th -13th June, the activities to be enjoyed during mango-tastic St Lucia holidays at Jade Mountain will include a mango chutney work shop, a mango cocktail party, a Mango tasting journey and a demonstrative Mango Madness cooking lesson- the highlight of which will be the special dinner of the "Night of 1000 Mangos". As a bonus Mango Madness participants will also join in mango field trips to the resort-owned organic and historical plantations of Anse Mamin and Emerald. But just before your St Lucia holidays come to an end, a special farewell event will include a Mango Champagne Brunch served on the beach at Anse Mamin estate.

For the most spectacular St Lucia holidays imaginable, surrounded by the most exuberant and exotic natural beauty and erupting with Caribbean flavours; Jade Mountain is a place that nourishes both the body and soul. Its unique "Jade Cuisine" created by James Beard award winner, Chef Allen Susser, brings diners with a brave new world of tropical flavours. The cuisine is both exotic and delicious, with a history of fusion it its fabric.

Commenting on the coming mango event, Chef Allen says - "Jade Cuisine is a celebration of the bold flavours of the world's tropical cultures in my kitchen at Jade Mountain. The cooking is fresh, simple and succinct. There is always flexibility for the seasons, and availability of local product. As a chef my passion is taste. The bottom line here is that food comes to nature and the nature of taste."

Having received much acclaim for his unique creations, The New York Times called Allen the "Ponce De Leon of New Florida cooking" when reviewing Allen’s Miami restaurant. Chef Allen's new New World Cuisine is described as fresh and flavourful, like a tropical St Lucia holiday on a plate. His vision of what the future holds is a culinary fusion of cultures that share similar landscapes, tropical ingredients and diverse spice boxes.

As Allen is currently the spokesman for the National Mango Board, it's no surprise he has been chosen as the thinking-tank for creating this new Mango Madness festival that will probably see many enjoying fruity St Lucia holidays and coming back to repeat the experience next year. Furthermore Allen also serves as President of the Miami, Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association. He is a prestigious James Beard Award winner and received an honorary Doctorate of Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University. Allen was Chef of the Year for Share Our Strength for his community involvement to End Childhood Hunger, as well as currently active on the Board of the Daily Bread Food Bank.

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