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Reggaeton-tastic Cuba holidays as Calle 13 confirms Havana concert for late March

  • 16-Mar-10 17:23
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

After growing speculation of the planned Havana concert of Grammy-winning hip-hop group Calle 13, the singer of the band has finally confirmed a date, explaining how the concert had to be delayed due to political setbacks impeding their travel to Cuba.

Reggaeton-tastic Cuba holidays as Calle 13 confirms Havana concert for late March

Lovers of Latin hip hop, rap and reggaeton have a place to head to for next week, now would be the ideal last minute time to book those Cuba holidays if you want to take part in the first ever Calle 13 in Cuba, after years of failed attempts for the group to visit the island. The Puerto Rican urban music duo Calle 13 has publicly announced and confirmed that it will perform on March 23 in the Anti-Imperialist Tribune in the Cuban capital of Havana.

Speaking about the forthcoming concert nearing its date as their performance gets closer, the band’s singer Rene Perez (A.K.A – ‘Resdidente’) declared to digital media outlets cited by Cubadebate:

“I am very happy, because this concert could be achieved with much sacrifice. We are not collecting and we are taking the entire band along”

Making clear that this will be a non-profit concert for the people of Cuba to enjoy without paying a penny, Calle 13 is following in the steps of Colombian singer Juanes who last year in September hosted the controversial “Peace without Borders” concert in the capital’s Revolution Square after much criticism by Miami Americans.

Calle 13, also formed by Eduardo Cabra, “Visitor” and Rene Perez “Resident”, tried for two years to perform in Cuba, but this was prevented for a number of reasons, including denial of visas by the U.S. government.

This time around however The Puerto Rican hip hop and alternative Reggaeton band Calle 13 managed to finally confirm a date for Havana’s Anti-Imperialist free concert for the enjoyment of all Cubans and all foreign passers-by on Cuba holidays wanting to participate in this music fest.

The announcement also appeared on a website of Rene Perez, as Rene said this time the arrangements took place without problems after two unsuccessful attempts.

“We wanted to go from some time and we could not connect ... But now everything was smooth because we are not doing anything wrong, just music. We are going for the people, because I want them to listen to me and I will listen to them" - Perez added

The duo who formed in 2005 with their first hit-making album, has won two Grammy Awards and 10 Latin Grammies in the United States.

Having performed with high-profile Latin artists, such as world-known Cuban band ‘Orishas’ and the hip-shaking Shakira, Calle 13 are unique in their kind, blending a fusion of Latin hip-hop, rap and reggaeton in a unique if somewhat rare way. With their one-of-a-kind rhtyms and sharp-tongue lyrics they are original in every way and it’s no surprise that album after album they gather award after award, with a total of 12 Grammys in their relatively short 5-year career and with a collection of only 3 albums.

For those who will not make it to Cuba holidays in time for the spectacular concert, and like a bit of controversy in the land where Cuba is seen as the Red Devil, they can rush to Miami as only 2 days after their presentation in Havana city, the Puerto Ricans will give a concert in Miami where anti-Cuban groups put a lot of pressure on the artists who performed at the massive “Peace without Borders Concert” last year.

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