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Working Hard for Barbados holidays at the New Four Seasons

  • 14-Dec-09 18:02
  • Barbados
  • Holiday Industry

In order to move forward the halted new Four Seasons hotel project in Barbados, a group of young Barbadians is working to speed up the building process as they lay on the groundwork and help push the project back on its feet.

Working Hard for Barbados holidays at the New Four Seasons
For the delight of many wishing for luxury Barbados holidays at the new Four Seasons, a group of young Barbadians is currently working hard on the halted Four Seasons hotel project as much groundwork is being undertaken to put it back on its feet.
Prime Minister David Thompson who backs up this initiative, told the media at last night's live Press conference that a lot was "going on behind the scenes", including keen interest by young Barbadians who had approached him in London recently.
"What a great thing it would be for our country if young Barbadians were able to put together a deal that could save the project," Thompson declared, adding that he himself had met with representatives of the villa owners, the financiers, the owner of the property and lawyers in England about it.
Noting some of these Bajans were well known but he didn't want to say anything about them yet, Thompson said he told them he would be extremely happy if they could assist in the multi-million-dollar upmarket resort project in Black Rock, St Michael, since it was an investment by someone who had done extensive business here over the years and had Barbados' best interests at heart.
"I don't think there's anybody connected to the Four Seasons project who I have not met with," he said, noting that it was a high-quality brand which could bring several positives to Barbados.
Before the exciting prospect of Barbados holidays at the new Four Seasons he also cautioned that in some cases getting the financing for projects like Four Seasons was not the main problem; rather, it was difficult to find buyers of condominiums and units in the currently depressed property market.
"In some cases," he added, "some people have been able to advance projects on deposits, because there is great interest in them, and finish them, but they couldn't get bank financing."
He said a way needed to be found to look at tourism projects that were in progress, and incorporate them into the island's overall marketing plan.
Such a strategy, he said, had triggered 14 years of growth after 1991 when there was a confluence of tourism events and projects.
"Four Seasons is a massive project in Barbadian terms, so finding financing will be difficult but I have confidence that there are Barbadians who can do it and are working on it,"
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