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Cuba and Antigua celebrate Caribbean holidays during World Tourism Day

  • 29-Sep-09 13:23
  • Cuba
  • Holiday Industry

To mark World Tourism Day last 27th September 2009, Cuba & Antigua held celebrations inspired by this year's slogan of 'Celebrating Diversity'. Both Caribbean holiday destinations organised a range of activities whilst readying for the winter season

Cuba and Antigua celebrate Caribbean holidays during World Tourism Day

Cuba and Antigua were the two proud Caribbean countries celebrating in full flair the Caribbean holidays appeal during World Tourism Day. Last 27th September, both Caribbean holiday destinations organised a range of activities and events to mark this year’s World Tourism Day slogan of ‘Celebrating Diversity’. And they did so in different ways.

Acknowledging the social, cultural and economical importance of tourism in Cuba and the major role that the Cuba holidays appeal plays in driving visitors to the island, Cuba celebrated the Dedication to Diversity initiative saying that they recognise the “importance of the diversity in the tourist industry and the country lays emphasis on how tourism brings the world together and the need to join forces to face up the difficulties of our time.”

The main activities that took place in the island to pay tribute to the special World Tourism Day were all related to the improvement of Cuba holidays with the preparation of all of the islands’ tourism infrastructure now that Cuba hotels are getting ready for the upcoming winter season as they aim to make the 2009/2010 season one of the “most successful ever”. The Cuba Tourist Board was eager to express its “most heartfelt appreciation to all its travel partners: travel agents, airlines, hotelier partners, the travel media and to all the tourist industry employees and the Cuban people,” the board said.

For Antigua’s celebrations, on the other hand, the country teamed up with ABS Television to broadcast a series of special programmes to celebrate diversity for World Tourism Day 2009. Aired last Sunday, 27th September, the day’s programming commenced with an official speech from Antigua’s Tourism Minister, the Hon. John Maginley who based his talk on the main ‘Celebrating Diversity’ topic of this year’s World Tourism Day. This was followed by a thirty minute presentation entitled ‘Rhodes across the Caribbean “The Antiguan Experience”’ which highlighted all the gastronomy to be sampled on Antigua holidays. During this show, Chef Gary Rhodes was “on a quest to demystify the region's colourful and vibrant cuisine."Also airing for the first time was an infomercial based on the issue of the importance of Beach Protection for Antigua holidays, which aimed at sensitising locals and visitors on the need to protect the country’s 365 beautiful white sandy beaches.

"Sunday is usually family day with members sitting together to enjoy their meals as well as entertainment that caters to all age groups and as such the Ministry is delighted to collaborate with the national Television Service to bring you a bit of the diversity that Antigua offers in its unique product," declared Tourism Minister the Hon. John Maginley.

On an ending note, the main activity to commemorate World Tourism Day in Antigua and Barbuda was the first ever Staycations Expo which was held at the Multi-Purpose Cultural Center on Saturday September 26th 2009 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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