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Cinnamon Kandy

4 stars


Restaurants & Bars

  • Vel Eliya Restaurant - A spacious restaurant on the first floor of the main wing of the hotel offering guests an unobstructed view of the graceful Mahaweli River that flows below. Vel Eliya offers a wide choice of buffet style dining choices at mealtime. Vibrant painted Kandyan-style designs adorn the ceiling and the pillars of the restaurant adding color to the length and breadth to this generously spacious and comfortable restaurant.
  • Giri Sikara Lounge And Bar - An open lounge bar overlooking the Pool and the Mahaweli River where guests are served up signature cocktails and mock tails any time of day. Beverages of every description, local and imported spirits and liqueurs are available on request. The non-traditional "Kandyan Kocktails" available here have become a hot choice with the guests while the exotic tropical fruit juices are all-time favourites. Traditional Kandyan designs on cloth beautify the entire ceiling area while large cement vases filled with water and freshly picked jasmines add a pleasant fragrance to the air. The lounge opens out to the Pool area inviting guests to indulge in a romantic stroll under the stars while soothing music fills the air. At night, after the Sun sets and the stars come out, Giri Sikara features live entertainment - a band, in a casual yet exotic atmosphere making it the ideal spot to treat yourself to a drink or perhaps engage in some social dancing.
  • Mahaveli Eliya - (A feast from the hill capital) Fine Dining Restaurant at Cinnamon Citadel The Mahaveli Eliya offers the finest authentic Kandyan cuisine in the hill capital. It serves up tried and tested and most loved recipes from the days gone by. The restaurant is famous for offering delightful choices from its Á La Carte menu, a choice fit for royalty! This tastefully decorated restaurant with its cozy interior offers split-level seating and includes a bar at the top-level. Its fabulous location next to the river means early diners can catch a picturesque view of the landscaped garden and the river beyond at dusk.
  • Pool Bar - With the turquoise swimming pool on one side and the flowing waters of the Mahaweli River on the other, the Pool Bar is a fabulous place to sit, sip a drink and watch village life literally go by. Rustic riverside scenes provide a calming backdrop of rare sights and sounds -boatmen guiding their boats along the river at dawn, children playing on the opposite river bank as the womenfolk bathe in its cool waters in the afternoon and exotic birds providing music whilst perched atop lush tree tops throughout the day. The Pool Bar is a favorite location when planning special theme dinners for small groups of guests who prefer a setting out of the ordinary, out in the open.


Facilities & Entertainment


  • Swimming Pool
  • Billiards / Snooker
  • Table Tennis
  • Ancient Trails
  • Scenic Trek
  • Kandyan Bride
  • Golfers Day in The Sun
  • Culturally Yours Excursion



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