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ubud + benoa port, indonesia

Set in the lush landscapes of Ubud’s tropical forests and nestled on the steep banks of the sacred River Ayung, a stay at the Ayung Resort Ubud is the perfect way to start your Indonesian adventure! Epitomising the artisan culture that the area has become renowned for, the unique resort offers a blissful stay with its eclectic range of artefacts and art waiting to be discovered across the extensive resort. Take time to explore the stunning area as well as the range of facilities the resort has to offer from idyllic yoga classes through to the blissful Dewi Sir Spa After enjoying a taste of Bali it is time to set sail aboard the Star Clipper for a tropical cruise. Embrace the adventurer within and discover some of Indonesia’s treasurers including the ancient Komodo dragons and world class diving sites amongst the Gili Islands. Blurring the lines between luxury cruising and traditional sailing, the Star Clipper is the ideal way to explore these stunning island locations away from the crowds of tourists with facilities on board including two salt water pools, a cosy library and two bars to choose from.

  1. Arrival
    Day 1-2

    Flight + Transfer

    Fly from Gatwick to Ngurah Rai International Airport on Cathay Pacific

    Private Car Transfer to Ayung Resort Ubud

  2. ayung resort ubud
    Day 2-4

    ayung resort ubud

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    Immerse yourself in Ubud’s unique heritage at the Ayung Resort Ubud, nestled overlooking one of Bali’s most sacred waterways, the Ayung River. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle and the sounds of the river gurgling below, the Ayung Resort Ubud offers warm Balinese hospitality and luxury accommodation, making guests feel a million miles away from...

  3. Transfer
    Day 4

    Private Car Transfer

    From Ayung Resort Ubud to Star Clipper Asia - Bali to Bali Eastbound

  4. star clipper asia - bali to bali eastbound
    Day 4-11

    star clipper asia - bali to bali eastbound

    1. Day 4

      Benoa – Bali, Indonesia–A tropical haven renowned as the ‘island of the gods’, Bali offers an idyllic retreat for all the senses from the stunning sun-kissed beaches through to the lush jungles and looming mountains in the heart of the island. The island may be small but it sure packs a punch from the famous artistic scene in Ubud next to tranquil rice terraces down to the stylish beach clubs and rich heritage of the local people.

    2. Day 5

      Gili Kondo – Lombok, Indonesia–Live out your desert island fantasies on Gili Kondo with its deserted beaches and tropical blue waters. This uninhabited island in eastern Lombok offers the perfect place to sit and relax on the white sandy beaches or head out and explore the calm waters where you’ll find an array of tropical fish.

    3. Day 6

      Day at Sea

    4. Day 7

      Komodo National Park and Pink Beach – Komodo, Indonesia–A unique experience to come face to face with the renowned Komodo dragon. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Komodo National Park seeks to not only preserve the unique dinosaur like species, but also the surrounding ecosystems both on land and water. Follow on with a chance to wander along the unique ‘pink beach’ on the island, one of only seven in the entire world. Created by red stained coral mixing with the soft sand, the spectacle is a stunning sight of soft pink sand and bright turquoise waters ideal for snorkelling in!

    5. Day 8

      Satonda Island – Indonesia–A stunning Marina Nature Park, this tiny uninhabited island offers white sand beaches, turquoise waters and lush green forests, but what makes it unique is the large crater lake in the heart of the island. Home to a large colony of fruit bats, this idyllic island offers beautiful coral reefs to explore around the island as well as the salt-water lake in the caldera of this flooded volcanic island

    6. Day 9

      Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan – Lombok, Indonesia–The smallest of the three Gili islands off the coast of Lombok, Gili Meno offers your own Robinson Crusoe moment with its deserted stretches of white sandy beaches and warm tropical waters ideal for snorkelling. There is also the opportunity to spot sea turtles in the shallow waters as green sea turtles and Logger-head turtles are common around the area. The island is also home to a turtle sanctuary whose aim is to save the eggs from predators and allow them to hatch naturally as well as care for injured turtles. Carry on to the most popular of Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan, or Gili T as it is fondly known. Take time to explore the island where you can take a diving trip out to the surrounding waters, hire a bike and explore or simply soak in the sunshine on the white sandy beach.

    7. Day 10

      Gili Naggu – Lombok, Indonesia–An idyllic island where you fully relax and rejuvenate on the sun-kissed beachfront with the hardest decision whether to swim or snorkel in the crystal clear waters.

    8. Day 11

      Benoa – Bali, Indonesia–Depart from Benoa on your final day

  5. Departure
    Day 11

    Transfer + Flight

    Private Car Transfer from Star Clipper Asia - Bali to Bali Eastbound

    Fly from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Gatwick on Cathay Pacific

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