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Las Vegas

Long known as the land of leisure and play with opulent casinos, day-to-night gambling and a buzzing non-stop party atmosphere, Las Vegas has a reputation for being the United States' most famous playpen and the city dubs itself as "The Entertainment Capital of the World" with many other nicknames adding to the long list of titles earned throughout the years thanks to the city's "leisure and indulgence" reputation. Internationally renowned for its range of world class resorts, luxury hotels, fine dining options, bright city lights, towering buildings and a wealth of shopping venues, Las Vegas is any leisure-driven holidaymaker's dream come true. Those looking for limitless fun, play and pleasure certainly won't be disappointed with a holiday in Las Vegas.

Having been a popular setting for films and TV programmes throughout the years since its foundation in 1911, Las Vegas' glittering and "bling bling" image has earned it the title of "The City of Lights", and rightfully so as its twinkling lights can be viewed from space, making it the brightest city on earth. With numerous outdoor lighting displays on the famous Fremont Street and the ever-so-popular Las Vegas Strip, also known as the Las Vegas Boulevard and stretching for over 6 km, this city's main downtown area is buzzing with live and activity, whatever the time of day or night. Also notoriously known for its tolerance of various forms of adult entertainment, the city is also referred to as Sin City, making it the number one place for fun bachelor and bachelorette parties in the United States. With a subtropical desert climate, the city enjoys abundant sunshine all-year-long with an average of 300 sunny days per year and very short and generally mild winters with temperatures hardly ever dipping below 12oC during the daytime. Summer months are hot, bright and dry with the hottest ever temperature recorded reaching 47oC, allowing for suntan perfect holidays throughout most of the year.

Besides its iconic shops and casinos and beyond its luxury world-class theatres and entertainment venues, Las Vegas has a host of museums for the culture-thirsty traveller, a dozen of parks including Las Vegas Springs Reserve (with recreational and educational facilities for the whole family to enjoy), the Floyd Lamb Parks at Tule Springs and The Southern Nevada Zoological-Botanical Park, also locally known as the Las Vegas Zoo, home to over 150 species of plants and animals. In addition to all this, on the first Friday ef each month the city plays host to a special exhibition with the works of local artists and musicians in the city's downtown "Arts District". Las Vegas is a truly multi-cultural, multi-dimensional, eclectic city with something for everyone!

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