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Petra Tou Romiou

Duration: Half Day

petra tou romiou

As well as being renowned for its beautiful golden beaches, diverse landscape and ancient history, the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus is famous for its mysterious Greek legends, many of which involve Greek gods, goddesses and mythical heroes. The Cypriots are extremely proud of these ancient legends, and you will hear many fascinating stories from the locals. One of the most famous myths revolves around Petra Tou Romiou (Rock of the Greek), otherwise known as Aphrodite’s Rock, the legendary birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

According to ancient legends, it was around 1200 BC when Aphrodite was born from the waves at Petra Tou Romiou in the south west of the island. Located on the shores off the main coastal road between Limassol and Paphos, this large jagged rock stands majestically in the waters next to the edge of a narrow pebbly beach, surrounded by beautiful clear turquoise waters.

The mythical Greek goddess of love and beauty is believed to have risen from the foamy sea here, riding on a scallop shell that was blown by the wind; after which she was given the name of Aphrodite, which actually means “foam arisen”. She chose this idyllic spot for her birthplace, where she began her life as a mortal. It is said that during certain weather conditions, the waves rise, break and dissolve into a pillar of foam, which some people believe to be a human shape rising from the sea before it crashes to the shore.

Another ancient legend linked with the rock does not refer to Aphrodite, but to another myth associated with the rock’s name Petra tou Romiou, which means "the Rock of the Greek". This particular legend reveals the story of Dighenis Akritas, who was a frontier guard during the Byzantine period (East Roman Empire). He rose to fame and became a hero due to his amazing strength, having kept the Saracens away by hurling a giant rock into the sea, thus destroying the enemy's ship.

No holiday in Cyprus is complete without a visit to this mystical landmark, which stands proudly on one of the island’s most beautiful coastlines.

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