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Exclusive Tour - Journey to the Heart of Cuba

Duration: Full Day

exclusive tour - journey to the heart of cuba

The most wonderful and complete of all Cuba tours in Holguin; this excursion offers unique encounters with the best of the island's discoveries... It is a must in your Cuba holidays.

And we can guarantee you won't find this magnificent excursion anywhere else as it was solely created by us and is exclusive to us only at The Holiday Place.

Prepare for a day full of action,plenty of various activities perfect for those who really want to get to know the traditional Cuban countryside and their customs. This outstanding trip begins by taking you to visit a nice little country village called Melones, the home to a fantastic Cuban Cigar Factory where the splendid cigars are made by the expert hands of Cubans and for Cubans only. The workers here produce for a local and popular brand that Cubans are known to smoke while playing their usual afternoon domino game or whilst enjoying a good baseball match. Take the time to have a look around this countryside factory with its wonderful team of 40 expert workers and watch them as they concentrate in the fine art of rolling. Your tour guide here will take you through every step of the process of making one of Cuba's greatest passions: cigars!

The excursion will continue with a visit to a crafty hat workshop where you'll be leaving with a typical "yarey" straw hat, an iconic present from the locals and being one of the symbols that represent the island you can find everywhere you go in Cuba, especially in the countryside where farmers will be wearing one just like yours.

We continue for a delightful stopover at a charming farmer's house where you will be welcomed and given the usual friendly treatment by the farmers who will later share with you a delicious homemade cup of coffee and a wonderful selection of the juiciest and sweetest of local fruits. Among all the organic food you will be given in the farm the most enjoyable is sugar cane!!!

Later on we head towards a beautiful ranch where locals will be awaiting to greet you with a folkloric country party or guateque; a traditional celebration in which they will prove that Cuban farmers are the best dancers on Earth. It is here where you'll be getting the real Cuban experience, as you engage in lively interactions with the locals and dance to the rhythms of salsa and country music.

Learn to appreciate the sweet guitar tunes of traditional country music while a farmer roasts the traditional pig outdoors and others prepare the popular accompaniment of "black beans and rice" in the indoor kitchen. Have fun playing "The Pig's Tail" game and participate in this entertaining activity with locals and other visitors. The game consists of everyone gathering around in a circle surrounding the roast pig whilst dancing and singing, once the music stops the winner will get the crunchy tail! Then, get ready to tuck in and taste this homemade lunch that's not only delicious but based on authentic local recipes!!!. At the end musicians will play a rhythmical song dedicated to the tour, the melody of which we you can forever keep as a lasting memory of the day.

Yet another addition to the excitements of the day will be some relaxing horseback riding. Both the experience rider and the beginner will have lots of fun guaranteed! And just before you head back to the hotel you'll stop at the Marina and drive your own speedboat fro two.

Come and join us at the heart of the island's charming countryside...a unique experience in the middle of the everyday Cuban atmosphere...far artificial, close to the pure and simple. We are sure that right after this full-day adventure you will express - like many other clients before - "this is the best tour I've ever done in my life (...)"

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